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  1. Findecanno

    Gaming slipstreaming windows vista

    I ordered a new computer from newegg and it comes with windows vista. My friend says that alot of computers dont come with backup install disk and I would like to have one In case the operating system crashes. My friend said I should slipstream it when it first comes so that I have a backup disk...
  2. Findecanno

    Misc looking for a wireless router

    whats the best one thats compatible and easy to set up for a wii, dsi and It also has to work with Linux (ubuntu)
  3. Findecanno

    Gaming external hard drive

    im considering getting an external hard drive as I only have a 40gb one as of now and I have 2 operating systems on it. So that leaves me no space at all for my windows games as my windows partition is extremely small. I am looking for one that is compatible with linux and my wii. It doesn't...
  4. Findecanno

    Hacking Is AKAIO opensource?

    just wondering
  5. Findecanno

    Gaming Linux graphics help

    I am having trouble running various games with Linux mint 7. Mainly savage battle for newerth, glest and eternal lands. savage gives a white screen whenever I load it. The graphics and very slow on glest but it runs fine under windows, Eternal lands will be very slow and has to be on the lowest...
  6. Findecanno

    Gaming need help with a hacker

    My friend is able to hack my computer and pretty much do everything he wants to it remotely. He uses some sort of vnc that allows him to get on without permission. Im sure some of it is done through terminal. He is also able to change my password without knowing the original. Im wondering if...
  7. Findecanno

    Hacking Rune factory 2 lag

    Whenever I play rune factory 2 and I go to my monster barn the game slows down some. Any way to fix this? Im using the latest akaio on my ak2i.
  8. Findecanno

    Gaming psp 3000 or 2000

    thinkin about gettin a psp and wondering what kind you would recommend. I know you can run homebrew on both etheir through custom firmware or HEN. Id prefer the custom firmware but is the 3000 better as far as hardware or the screen or anything? because if so Id rather get the 3000 and use the...
  9. Findecanno

    Homebrew idea for possible game ports

    I recently found 2 opens-source mario like games that I think would make nice homebrew games for ds they are: supertux Secret Maryo Chronicles system requirements for Secret Maryo Chronicles seem abit high supertux may be more...
  10. Findecanno

    Homebrew idea for possible game ports

    sorry for double post can someone delete this please?
  11. Findecanno

    Homebrew powerpoint viewer?

    Is there a powerpoint viewer for ds? Is it possible to make one?
  12. Findecanno

    Homebrew best dpg converter

    Im lookin for a good dpg converter that has good quility and doesn't take up alot of space on my hard drive. I don't like batch dpg because you need avisynth or super because it takes up alot of space. That leaves xilisoft dpg or dpg tools that comes with moonshell. I heard that dpg tools...
  13. Findecanno

    Homebrew trouble with homebrew channel

    I was trying to install wii linux but for some reason it keeps messin up my homebrew channel. It doesn't show my apps. Even if I reparation my sd card it still doesn't work. I reinstalled it and was able to to run xwhiite but when I tryed to run bliight it got messed up again. Any Ideas on what...
  14. Findecanno

    Homebrew Linux with GUI

    is it at all possible to run a small distro of linux on the ds with a simple GUI? I dont care if it needs RAM extensions. I read somewhere that its possible to run it with around 2mb of RAM.
  15. Findecanno

    Homebrew Wii linux help needed

    Im tryin to install linux on my wii but all the guides on it are so confusing. can anyone give me a link to an easy to follow guide to a distro that has a GUI and doesn't require a usb keyboard. I was looking into xwhiite but if theres something better im willing to try it.
  16. Findecanno

    Gaming will this psp work with CFW
  17. Findecanno

    Homebrew why exactally cant a ds play standard mpegs

    I understand that the reason why there isn't a ds mpeg player is because you couldn't get enough fps from it but im wondering why that is. If a dpg is just an mpeg with a modified header and audio why can the ds handle that and not a straight up mpeg?
  18. Findecanno

    Hacking Tuna-vids plugin for ak2i

    I have been trying to get a tuna-vids plugin for my ak2i to work. I noticed that the AKAIO firmware had one so I tryied to get it to work on my ak2 by renaming it from ,ak4 to .ak2 and editing the plugins.ini file so that it would work. It loads but give an error. It says "Failed to init FAT"...
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