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    Gaming PokeGen Question for Pokemon White

    I was wondering how can you make a legal Latios through PokeGen? It has normal EVs and IVs and I made the original game Ruby and I met it through Poketransfer and I caught it at level 40 but it won't pass the Legality Checker.
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    ROM Hack Pokemon White EXP Patch

    I have a Pokemon White (E) rom and my pokemon don't gain exp after a battle. There aren't any cheats in the database that fix this so I was wondering if there's a patch to fix this.
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    Hacking Problem with the Acekard

    I just a new Acekard 2i from Lightake and my DSi would detect it. I flashed it using my friend's DS Lite using ak2ifw_update_141_DSL.nds to update it, not knowing that was for flashing multiple cards. When it was done, I accidentally pressed Start to start another update instead of powering off...
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