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    Nintendo Switch Cyberpunk 2077: Portable Edition details leaked

    This is even faker than my ex's boobs
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    [Rumor] Wall Street Journal claims Nintendo will release both an enhanced and budget model Switch

    It will definitely happen, the console is in its third year, and I am surprising bt the fact that there are none rumour till now. There will be a new Switch with ‘improved stability’ enhancement
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    Homebrew [Release] 3DSident

    Sorry for bumping this thread I have a question regarding panel reading First I have a new 3ds xl, called A, which has a Top TN and bottom IPS. Panels report just fine Then I have a B one, which top IPS, bottom TN. Report ok too After swap the panel, obviously B got dual IPS and A with dual TN...
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    Homebrew UPDATE: Regarding the recent 3DS banwave

    Got ban, new 3DS XL with latest Luma on 11.4, meh I dont care as long as I can play games
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