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    Hardware Disable Home Button LED

    It's a bug with sysftp-d. Disable the sysmodule, then put your Switch in sleep mode and it will turn off. If you didn't use sysftp-d, then no clue, I never got the light to be stuck with anything else.
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    ROM Hack Discussion Fire Emblem: Three Houses General Hacking

    I did and yeah, OC'ing CPU and GPU marginally helps in some instances (CPU for smoothness on large maps and GPU for dynamic resolution), but where it would be most needed - the monastery - it makes no difference. My guess is that it's memory related, both in term of capacity (their asset...
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    ROM Hack Question is there any dedicated tool to extract FE3H?

    The arslan quick bms script can extract fe:3h as it's the usual musou file structure. You just have to rename DATA0.bin/DATA1.bin to LINKDATA.IDX/LINKDATA.BIN. But be warned that there's no name table so it will be very difficult to figure out what file is what...
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    Homebrew WIP Freebird - Switch Clock Speed Control Sysmodule

    Not all sys modules cause it, for example sys-clk works. I always remove sys-ftpd from kosmos, so I can't test it, but out of all sys modules I run only freebird invariably crashes HOS on 8.1. So this kind of sucks atm, either you have a convenient OC module but that you have to take steps with...
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    Homebrew WIP Freebird - Switch Clock Speed Control Sysmodule

    Same. I hope it's not abandoned, because IMO a simple global GUI >>>>>>>>>>>>>> per title ini files. Sys-clk is a PITA to use.
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    Hacking Question Kosmos 12.1.2

    In kosmos tool box (homebrew you launch from album) you can disable cfw autoboot. You can also reboot to hekate from there.
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    Hacking Xkit's NEW {RCMloader} dongle and jig !

    You made me doubt, so I went and checked and you are right, since October 2016 (for France anyway), they changed their policy on prepaid labels, they have to be tracked now on international shipping and the seller only has 3 options: refund without return, local address or prepaid tracked. I was...
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    Homebrew Question The REAL Reason why no XCI support outside of SXOS

    I understand why they can't bundle the xci loader part due to it being copyrighted, but the whole "Xci = piracy" is just ridiculous.. Xci's are the only legit way to dump your carts with a cert. Converting/installing a cart to nsp is essentially identical to downloading a pirated copy.
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    Hacking Xkit's NEW {RCMloader} dongle and jig !

    If you return it, you'll have to pay tracked shipping to China, which will eat up most of the price of the item here. They don't offer you anything over aliexpress and oftentimes the items are more expensive than what you'd pay on aliexpress, which makes amazon an all around bad deal for...
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    Hacking Xkit's NEW {RCMloader} dongle and jig !

    Buying it on isn't going to be of any help in case of returns or refunds, if you look at sellers info they all ship from China. They're most likely the same sellers as on aliexpress, but without the buyers protection.
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    Hacking Xkit's NEW {RCMloader} dongle and jig ! They ship worldwide.
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    ROM Hack Discussion Final Fantasy X/X-2 Game Settings

    Could be an older codebase, it's also lacking the boosters from the Steam version. What I meant is that there's no such thing as "version port" with a multiplatform engine. All newer ports are based off the PS3 Remaster anyway.
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    ROM Hack Discussion Final Fantasy X/X-2 Game Settings

    It's phyre engine, there's no vita version port, it's all done on PC and then exported to various platforms.
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    EdiZon version 3.0.0 released

    RAM editor is awesome! I might finally move to atmos now as there's nothing else I absolutely need that's exclusive to SXOS anymore.
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    Hacking Question Big N has killed TX ?

    That just changed today, we got the first games/updates on master key 5. Min fw now is 6.0 to install all the new stuff.
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    Hacking Question What is the lowest firmware on which every game works on CFW and any reasons to stay on 4.01

    It appears to indeed require the new 6.x key. I've yet to run into a game that's on something more recent than 5.x, they must still be rare. auto Though, I'm not sure, on that dark site, some report it works on 5.1 if you ignore fw.. Just in case, you need to ignore fw on both the game nsp and...
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    Hacking Question What is the lowest firmware on which every game works on CFW and any reasons to stay on 4.01

    If you use the ignore fw feature of tinfoil, everything still works on 5.X afaik.
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    Hacking Poll: How big is the user base of the SX OS?

    Not surprised the poll is so much in favor of SXOS. Even though I started by using the free alternatives, with all the stuff SX added to their CFW I eventually bought one for the integrated memory editor and XCI loader. Then HDD support sealed the deal, SXOS is far ahead of the competition. I...
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    ROM Hack WIP Diablo III Save Editor

    I am out of gems lol. I've been testing several builds on my Wiz and also changed followers (used to go with Enchantress because all my stuff always had Int stats and replaced with a more appropriate Templar for endgame) and yeah gems are difficult to find in enough quantities. What I'm doing...
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    ROM Hack WIP Diablo III Save Editor

    I don't think adding seasonal character flag is going to work, because you can only play offline so long as you once went online (to create or load that character) and don't close the game. But in order to backup/edit/inject your save you have to close the game. Imperial gems are needed to...
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