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    ROM Hack Question Zelda Link's Awakening Save [Eagle's Tower]

    Hi! I recently messed up my emunand and had to start from zero, lost pretty much all my saves (which is so painful!) I was wondering if anyone has a save at the Eagle's tower dungeon or anything close and/or before that dungeon!? I'll so appreciate it! thanks! :D <3
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    Homebrew Discussion Online-trends sending keys almost instantly now!

    Like the title says... no more waiting for hours lol They're advertising 1-5 min delivery... I bought a new code a few min ago and got it right away! It cost 2.00 E more tho.
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    Hacking I got banned today! :)

    ... And I'm totally okay with it! It has been really upsetting to see all these hacks going on in almost every multiplayer game online! I'm glad N. is being really strict about it. I't sucks to be flagged but on the other hand we gotta think about all these people that can barely afford a game...
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