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  1. Konathedemo

    Hardware Error Code : 2165-1001

    Hi everyone I'm making a thread about this error code because the official Nintendo website has no info for this code. So for this error code I need to give some back story. Recently every time I woke up my switch crashed (the screen was off with no error code and I had to press the on button...
  2. Konathedemo

    Hacking Question Booted in CFW Synand but turned off the console on the Atmosphere screen

    So I updated my Hekake by downloading SD settup because I'm an idiot and couldn't boot my Emunand By doing that it gave me the CFW Sysnand as an option again and since I was so used to have the emunand first I clicked it and I tried to save myself by turning off the console on the atmosphere...
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    Coto @ Coto: holy crap, getting VS Code to work in NDS development is something I should've done years ago...