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    Gaming Best Wii Balance Board Games?

    Recently got my hands on a Wii Balance Board, did some reading and got what i thought were the best games to use for it. Here is what i have: DDR Hottest Party 3 (Really fun using the balance board) DDR Music Fit (Japanese only release, has a few songs like a trance remake of Its A Small...
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    Good site for Droid apps?

    Just got a Droid phone and looking to download some paid apps in .apk format. Iphone stuff has 100's of sites to get them from, but they are slim pickens for Android stuff. If anyone knows somewhere, please advise.
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    Gaming Ok, exactly what games DO NOT work right now?

    After Kingdom Hearts didnt work, i assumed everything since then also doesnt work. However, i read otherwise with stuff like patchwork heroes working. At this point, using the latest firmware, what does NOT work?
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    Gaming XBLA Hacked?

    Ive read multiple times today that XBLA games are now hacked. Im not really familiar with popular xbox hacking sites, can anyone fill me in?
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    Gaming Tekken 6 USA PSP-iND

    Downloading now, will report if it works under D2. 730 megs rar'd.
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    Hacking Homebrew microphone capabilitys? Maybe port Ultrastar Deluxe to wii?

    Ive read that there are no librarys for using a mic in homebrew for the Wii. Is there any news on this? I ask because of this program called Ultrastar Deluxe for the PC which is completely open source, and could be ported to the Wii pretty easily, if possible. Here is a video of it in action...
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    Gaming How to disable internet on your own PC secretly?

    I have a laptop running XP that i use for when im in the backyard poolside, but when large amounts of people come over, they use the laptop like its a toy and ive had a few mishaps with it. I'd like to double click something and disable internet on the laptop and double click another to...
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    Hacking My guide to Rock Band DLC

    Seriously, there is nothing really super descriptive here, so i thought that since i just got it working in rock band 2, i would help everyone else. Now, ahead of time, i am using a Wiikey chipped system so i just burned a fresh RB2 from usenet and using that, you cannot use USB Loader properly...
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    Gaming Most up to date guide for SNES emulator for PSP?

    I know that there is that newest SNES emulator that just came out. I tried it and its still slow for me. Is there a guide on what settings to use? All i do is change the cpu speed to 333 and also make it full screen. Games like TMNT Fighters lag on character select screen, in Mario All...
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    Gaming 100% Saves for Guitar Hero series dont work?

    I just want the songs unlocked for quickplay without doing a silly cheatcode, and there are no cheats to use for ocirana. All the saves i tried from wiisaves do not work, and nothing but datel crap on gamefaqs. I already unlocked all the song songs on the 360, but i switched my guitar platform...
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    Gaming Can you remove the UMD drive on a PSP Slim and still play ISOs?

    I have a hacked Slim and 6 Pro Duo Cards for it, 4 16 gig, 1 8 gig and 1 4 gig. I can only fit 3 inside a little, resealable bag and put it into the UMD slot, but even then it takes some effort to fit it so i can close the UMD slot opening. Id like to fit the other 2 cards so i can take them...
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    Hacking Rockband 2 and AC/DC Both freeze mid-song with USB loader

    Tried it with normal 1.4 and 1.4 v7 final ultimate. It did it back on v1.1 as well using wanin original loader. I even formatted the drive and re-installed the games again fresh, still does it. Guitar Hero 3, meticallica, aerosmith and world tour all work perfectly. Using 4.0 dash with...
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    Hacking Should i re-format my USB hard drive if i deleted something?

    Ive only deleted a single game from the USB loader, castlevania judgment. I couldnt believe how bad it was. Now im reading that if you delete a game, it messes up other games. Well, i installed every single guitar game for the wii and only rock band 2 stops in the middle of the song, freezes...
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    Hacking Is it possible to ADD more channels to the dashboard?

    I loved the SDHC update with the SD icon and the 20 new pages of channels, but it is literally not enough! Only 4 pages on the main system is pathetically bad. I have ~40 games installed on my USB hard drive + the factory stupid channels + HBC/disc channel, so i can not even fit all the games...
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    Hacking Specific instructions for Wiikey/modchip people and Madworld

    Howdy. Get your Madworld game ripped to a ISO. Use WiiScrubber 1.4 and open the ISO file. Go into the partition 0, then go to Sys, and you will see a bunch of IOS WADs. You need to right click and extract 38, 53, 55. Then install them like you normally install WADs on your Wii. Once you do...
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