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  1. mrissaoussama

    thanks for not requiring sign in to see posts/download

    i'm already a member but sometimes i use other pcs and I was surprised the site didn't even tell me to sign in to do anything like 95% of other forums. thanks!
  2. mrissaoussama

    Hacking [WIP] games that can be trimmed to save storage list

    I do this on ps3 to save space by removing/zeroing unneeded languages and videos. so i decided to do the same for ps4. I just started today so if anyone wants to help here are the steps: if you've yet to dump your game, download and extract it Turn on the console, insert...
  3. mrissaoussama

    Hardware change off brand ps3 controller?

    i got 2 of brand ps3 controllers, the problem is that they can't be paired together at the same time. when th second one connects, the first onez is disconnected. i tried a variety of cable/wireless combinations and port placements. and that's how i thought that the controllers have the same...
  4. mrissaoussama

    Hacking dump pkgs using han?

    is it possible?
  5. mrissaoussama

    Hacking extract console specific info?

    what are the directories /tools that let me extract console specific files? like online key and files that could let you access the hard drive in the future
  6. mrissaoussama

    Hacking can someone make a plugin that remaps the L/R buttons to something else ?

    these are relevant links I found, but they don't have what i want my 3ds ribbon cables...
  7. mrissaoussama

    Hacking download the whole cheat code data base for wii/gc?

    ar central is down, gecko codes has no download all button. is there a link to download it all? (would it be compatible with dolphin?
  8. mrissaoussama

    Misc MKwii does not accept wiimote input after selecting profile only gc controllers

    the wiimotes later get detected but only after selecting a mode with the gc controller. i'm using a wii and the iso is patched
  9. mrissaoussama

    Gaming I have a very old laptop, is there something useful to do with it?

    specs don't set your expectations high can it even run lubuntu or absolute linux? even then can it run a game or an emulator? SATELLITE 4030CDT Product Specifications Toshiba America Information...
  10. mrissaoussama

    plugging 2 controllers that have the same name and model confuses emulators

    for example, loading a profile made for C2 (controller 2) does not work because C1( controller 1) takes control instead. for example, setting up both controllers on cemu work. but restarting cemu makes C1 take control of player 1 and player 2. as i said the controllers have the same name...
  11. mrissaoussama

    Emulation values change in cheat engine after rerunning the game

    I was trying to make a cheat table and post it here. the game is tokyo mirage sessions US version. I found the hp,mp and money addresses. the problem is if I close and run the game again the addresses change so the ones saved are no longer working. I'm not very knowing of cheat engine or how...
  12. mrissaoussama

    Homebrew Input redirection android app?

    Hi. Is there an app that lets you send inputs from android to 3ds?
  13. mrissaoussama

    Hacking Which ds flashcard will work with NTRboothax? which one of these will work?
  14. mrissaoussama

    Hacking n3ds an error has occured on boot after powering it off on 2.1

    I was on 2.1 and I was trying to install a9lh. The browser froze so I closed the n3ds (not the lid) and when I opened it I got an error has occurred. I can't launch luma either. Please help me
  15. mrissaoussama

    Hardware Laptop stops working.

    Since I installed Windows 10 on my Hp (1.5 year ago) my computer shuts down unexpectedly and stops working completely for days. It happens for the fifth time now and I don't know what's wrong with it. The fan does not work. Electricity does go through, though,because the wifi button activates...
  16. mrissaoussama

    Homebrew is it possible to add/remove parental controls flag for each app?

    For example. I'd like to add parental controls flags to all homebrew apps and certain games. And remove parental controls from ntr selector. Is that possible ?
  17. mrissaoussama

    Hacking godmode9 stuck on tmd and app Which one should I delete? I downgraded with gateway before
  18. mrissaoussama

    Homebrew injecting a smash Bros save doesn't work

    Recently someone sent me his 100% smash Bros save (EUR). So I injected the save and the extra data. But when I open the game it makes a new save. How can I make the save work?
  19. mrissaoussama

    Hardware Please help! My 4gb ram won't work anymore!

    Yesterday I was using my pc normally then I shut it down. The day after that I tried to boot my pc but I couldn't. All I heard was 4 beeps. I understood that one of my rams aren't working. I removed one of my two 4 gb rams and it booted. Then I did the same with the other ram and I heard the...
  20. mrissaoussama

    Homebrew can't get browserhax to work on 11.0

    I'm using an old 3ds. when I try browserhax it keeps loadingetting. no crashes or yellow screen How can I make it work?
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