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    Hardware System files corrupted

    so I was playing a retail copy of a game and when i went back to the wii menu i get the "Systems files corrupted" message and i jsut reset. O_o though i am still able to play backups of games and still have my save files on my wii o.o. So is there any problem with it and what caused this? O-o...
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    Hacking Acekard + Moonshell

    I read around the forum and went across some topic about bricking with ysmenu/moonshell bricking acekard 2i, is it safe to use moonshell 2.05 on a acekard 2.1? O_o and is there a way to play dpg movies w/o moonshell? thnx
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    Hacking Moonshell on Acekard 2.1

    So im planning to use moonshell on acekard 2.1 but which version is the most stable and runs the best on acekard with akaio 1.5. and the default player on acekard (the ipod looking one), do i have to take it out or i can just put moonshell in? Thnx
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    Hacking AK2.1 Weirdness

    So, for the first time my AK2.1 froze when i was on the nintendo ds starting screen then i kept restarting and couldnt read for around 5 times. I wana check if theres anything wrong with my Ak2.1 or is it just the contacts arent touching. (i accedentally touched the contacts on the AK b4 that...
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    Hacking Files in Acekard 2.1 XD

    Even though its an old problem, im still confused now. I know that an R4 save file would be able to use with the AKAIO firmware and it worked for most of my games. Well i wanted to put another one into my msd and with the save file with .SAV and the system options is at reading .sav, but still...
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    Hacking Files in Acekard 2.1 XD

    WOAH O_O delete this one plz, lag made me post 2 by accident. TY!
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    Gaming Pokemon Platinum Battle Tower O.o

    In Pokemon Platinum, I finished a battle tower and i saved the 7th video but as it saved the screen is shaking and stuff O-o i dont know if this is normal or not cuz i cant find anything on it, so if someone knows if its the rom or the game tell plawks ;D ty i use acekard2 btw o-o ty ;D I know...
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    Hacking Acekard screen

    ok, this isnt a big problem but it disturbes me a bit and seeing if its normal >.> whenever i save in a game, black lines start flashing when i save but only when i save i use acekard 2.1 i think black pcb o.o ty for the replies
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    Hacking New to AceKard

    So i was wondering if i need any programs (moonshell,sakura,w/e?) to play music(mp3) or is it already built in the firmware? o.o im using AKAIO ;D thnx
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    Hacking The volume thing >.> on dsl

    My volume switch on my dsl used to be smooth and easy to move, but now its hard to move and i have to push really hard to move it o.o probably something hit it hard there but ya is there anyway to fix it w/o opening it =p ;D thnx ... i know its not a big deal but might as well try to fix it...ty
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    Hacking Acekard and Akaio

    i read the features of Akaio but does it make a difference from Acekard firmware and AKAIO o.o lol new at this and just got the AK >.> i realized how poorly they stuck on the sticker, its kinda slanted T~T and i dont get why people complain about the build o.o it seems fine xD and the save...
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    PS1/2 About PS2 Games and burning

    ok... this game is old but i want to play it lol... so i downloaded the game Marvel vs Capcom 2 and the rar files only contained files no images and stuff... if i were to burn it how to i make the files into an iso and how do i burn it lol... i use Nero P.S: My first time. =p
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    Hacking Edge

    How good is the edge? would you say its better than an acekard and dstt o.o and what makes it better cuz im debating what to get. thnx in adv
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    Hacking Acekard2

    so... i hear good reviews about acekard and its cheap so im thinking of getting one. Where would be the best place to order an acekard and can you put a link cuz some sites give 2 dif links to same cart but diff prices o.o and (stupid question) but if i transfer games and saves from my R4 to...
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    Hacking Acekard2

    woops the lag made this post 2 times ... delete this plz.
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    Hacking Moonshell

    So i found out that my moonshell is corrupted O.o Question is if my moonshell is corrupted does it make my other files corrupted too? cuz i can still play games (just making sure) and to fix it do i format my SD card and put back the kernel in? -thnx. since no replies.... i will assume its fine.
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    Hacking Small Problem =p

    well my problem is that some times i think my DS isnt reading the R4 like it doesnt pass the first screen and i go to the DS menu =p is it because it has a bad contact with the DS cuz it works i think 1/10 times i put it in. o-o does this mean i need to use the paper trick?? thnx
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    Hacking Lol Questioning Again!

    So if i was playing Wifi on R4 it just treats it like a normal game and wont get caught right xD just making sure >.> and the R4 not being able to read and going to "Touch the Screen to Continue" >.> i just hope i doesnt break down on me so early.
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    Hacking Weird but probably nothing wrong @[email protected]

    i was putting my micro SD back in my R4 and i turn it on it didnt go to the loading screen o.O it just went to the touch the screen blah stuff so i took out my SD and it said couldnt find SD so i knew it could read then i put my SD back in and it worked O-o i know i got the problem away but im...
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