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  1. mitcha

    Hardware Nintendo Switch Flip Side Motherboard [micro sd connector points soldering]

    Hi , i have a question regarding the Flip Side of the motherboard ; we already have a diagram provided by @mattytrog of the motherboard Front Side ,here : i would like to have a diagram for the Flip Side please, i managed to...
  2. mitcha

    Hardware Problem With SD Card Reader Seat From Nintendo Switch Mother Board

    hi i was having problems with my Microsd card not reconized from 2 month's now , so i just buy a scredriver and open it and what i saw freeze my blood : ( there is a pin from the mother board mSD card reader who is not there, it's really small like 1mm. i can manage numerous things but this is...
  3. mitcha

    Hacking [Tutorial] Self-hosting with XAMPP (loadiine_GX2)

    hi all!a8k1EA5R!Z7KCIwMtYzrPU3ei8I7UhUmHVw9hayCdO1gZs2BCZB8loadiineGX2 and selfhosting.rar108.9 Mo!Z7KCIwMtYzrPU3ei8I7UhUmHVw9hayCdO1gZs2BCZB8 in the link above you have all what you need to self-hosting with xampp and running loadiine_GX2 -the files i take are from ...
  4. mitcha

    Hacking yesterday all works and now nothing works (launching kernel...)

    hi all i have a 5.3.2 wiiu who works with loadiine-flow version , yesterday i decide to install the GX2 one, but i dont understand wich files comes where !! so i decide to abord the installation and returning to loadiine flow ( who works 100% ) every time i used it. the problem now ,so i takes...
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