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  1. 18Phoenix

    Emulation 1 files isos for Cemu

    Hello :) Til now I only know these sort of Wii U images: 1 folder with many add+h3+title files 3 folders: code+content+meta folders I start with Cemu and I see that it uses *.iso files aswell. So is it possible to build isos for Cemu with game+update(+dlcs) in only one single file ? And if...
  2. 18Phoenix

    Homebrew Discussion SNES Online - Mod Discussion

    Hi everyone :) I thought it's good to start a new thread to talk and share about modding SNES Online to get additional roms working. I already love it to mod the NES Online, now I can't await it to go on with SNES Online. First it has looked almost equal. Same folders, same structure, again...
  3. 18Phoenix

    Hacking Question SXOS - How can I sort in any order ?

    Hello :) My question in how to sort in SXOS in any order ? So I don't want to sort all alphabetically ! F.e. I want the homebrew loaded first, the nsps, xci at the end. Is there a way by changing the date-attributes with an attribute-changer? But what date exactly ? Which attribute must be...
  4. 18Phoenix

    Gaming Strange Overcooked 2 error message - who can help

    Hi :) I got a strange "error" message at the start of Overcooked 2 after installing it with the current update 1.5 and the 2 existing DLCs. Cause is definitely the DLC Surf n Turf !!! When I start the game come this message (translated from German): "Not playable downloadable content has been...
  5. 18Phoenix

    Hacking More and more NSP don't work with SX OX 2.3, which don't need 6.2.0

    Hello, Im using my Switch with FW 6.1.0 an SX OS 2.3 beta. In the last days more and more base + update NSP-files can't be installed. I mean files that still don't need FW 6.2.0. Starting the installation gives an error and no update request. Checking the NUT infos and using the XCI-Explorer...
  6. 18Phoenix

    Hardware Question about USB HDD usage

    Hello, With SX OS 2.3 beta you can use an external USB3 HDD (exFAT). What's the best way to handle it so that unnecessary data loss and continuous operation is avoided? When the hard disk is connected, the power light will be lit steadily. So there is continuous power. Is that safe for the HDD...
  7. 18Phoenix

    Hacking Works it all on a Korean New 3DS ???

    Hello. I used ntrboot (with my R4i Gold 3DS) to use Luma3DS on my European New 3DS XL and it works great (even with 11.8 ^^). Now relatives moved from Korea to Europe and the children have a Korean New 3DS. Can I flash this 3DS the same way and will all European roms run (in different European...
  8. 18Phoenix

    Hacking USB Loader GX (vWii) kicks me back to vWii menu instead of loader menu

    Hello, who can help me ? I'm using vWii on WiiU with the USB Loader GX (newest r1268) to load Wii & GC games. Works all fine, but exiting leads always back to the vWii menu instead of the USB Loader GX main menu. What's wrong, something with my IOSs ?
  9. 18Phoenix

    ROM Hack Exists a PC tool to readout CIA details (like FBI does on 3DS) ?

    Hello everyone, is there a PC tool that shows details of CIA files like gamename, icon, title ID, region etc ? And to check if the file is region free or not. Like FBI does very fine on 3DS. Much better would be a tool with that name and icon could be changed/edited. Thanks for help in advance.
  10. 18Phoenix

    Hacking wad progs working from SD

    Hello :) I've a little problem with wad games. I use the wad manager 1.7 with ios36 which install all progs to the wii memory. Here every games works fine. But the memory reaches its limit very fast, some I wanna move all to SD Card via the Wii Options. Then some games don't work anymore. An...
  11. 18Phoenix

    Homebrew short question about WiiMednafen 0.1.1

    Hello everyone, the most PC-Engine CD-Games are running perfekt, but the following 3 I can't play after starting them : - Fantasy Star Soldier - Forgotten World - Psychic Storm After the start the game says that it only works with , .... ... something like that. Are these games not playable...
  12. 18Phoenix

    Homebrew short question about MameWii v1.0

    Hello everybody, MameWii 1.0 is just running fine but the graphic is horrible :( Is there any option to use a graphic filter like other emus do ? In the mame.ini the video options can be changed, is there a possibility ? Without smoother graphics the emu is not recommendable.
  13. 18Phoenix

    Homebrew Wiiengine - can't load roms from usb

    Hello everybody, I'm getting crazy with trying to load roms for Wiiengine 1.5bb from my USB HDD. From SD card it runs perfect, even cd games. A lot other emus work with USB aswell, for example Snes9x GX, Genesis Plus GX or PC Engine roms with Wiimednafen. My HDD has 2 partitions, the first is...
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