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    Hacking White EZ Flash 3 in 1

    if somebody owns a white ez flash 3 in 1 and a nintendo ds lite in white, could you please post a few pictures of what the ez looks like inside the white ds i want to know if it looks good before i buy it. (lol)
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    Hacking DS Web Radio?

    I did a search for this (not to thoroughly, I admit) but couldn't find one is there a homebrew app that has good web radio what i mean is something that uses the ds' wifi to listen to music and stuff one with GOOD music. there is one for the psp that i liked but i hate my psp and rarley take...
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    Misc For those that want (but dont have) wifi and dont have a router

    I found these on ebay a week ago and bought one, it plugs into the usb of your computer and converts your internet into wifi for your nds and wii and stuff i got mine for 19 bucks with shipping included. pretty good buy. well thats all, just wanted to share with the ppls.
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    Hacking Why do people hate the R4 so much?

    Why? It's got a big community (tons of people own it) it is compatible with every game i have played so far its got a built in cheat system moonshell comes with it it works as a passme microsd support what makes other cards better than the R4? i'm EXTREMELY happy with mine.
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    Hello everyone

    Hey, I'm new here. I joined up because of the homebrew scene. I already have an R4DS and I'm going to jump right into this community.
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