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    Hacking Running current FW and Atmosphere nothing is working

    I am running current Atmosphere and Firmware and any software I want to install doesnt work. Retroarch doesnt work when I try to boot the nro it gives me an error to reboot back to payload. If I try to install a NSP or XCI file it gives me invalid NCA error or file is corrupted. Everything was...
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    Hacking Atmosphere 0.94 not booting just going back to the bootloader

    I had Atmosphere installed and I downloaded the new release files and transfered them over to my SD card and replaced them. Now when I try to boot Atmosphere from EmuMMC it shows the logo then it just goes back to the bootloader. What can I do to fix this?
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    Hacking What is best way to go about updating to current Atmosphere?

    What is the best way to go about updating to current Atmosphere version? I run CFW through EmuNand. Should I update my main SysNand to OFW 9.0 and update Atmosphere by downloading the current files on github and replacing them on my SD card or is there another way to do that. I am bit confused.
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    Hacking Cant seem to get emunand from hekate

    Im trying to set up emuNand so I dont run risk of getting banned. I have set up my 128GB sd card with a second partition of FAT32. When I try can do the emummc through hakate it doesnt seem to back it up as the resulting folder that is made in the main partition is only 108 bytes. Is there...
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