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    Hacking Tools Required for Downgrading n3DS (v9.7)?

    Hi all, Here's my situation in short. I have a 3DS XL (v4.5) with Gateway. Also a New 3DS XL (v9.7 - not hacked obviously). No Zelda or Cubic Ninja. Question. Will I be able to downgrade the New 3DS with the above tools only (meaning a hacked old 3DSXL with Gateway, but no Zelda/Cubic)...
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    Hacking Request: Gateway Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Save Data

    Hey guys, I was wondering, anyone here has played Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask through Gateway with a save slot being around Chapter 6? I played through the game until Chapter 6 but I had to leave my country and I gave my original 3DS to my sister with all my games. Now through...
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