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  1. Poryhack

    Hacking Is it possible to run a PAL emuNAND on top of a JPN sysNAND?

    I'm wondering if it is possible to overwrite all the unique/secret/user-specific values on a PAL NAND image with those from a Japanese one and use the newly overwritten image as emuNAND on a Japenese sysNAND 3DS. Any insights would be much appreciated.
  2. Poryhack

    Hacking NDEV Revolution Development System & Software

    I'm currently selling my NDEV and I thought I would take some time to answer any questions about it and/or the software that goes with it while I still have it. For those who don't know the NDEV is the official Nintendo-endorsed hardware used to develop games for Wii/WiiWare. They rarely see...
  3. Poryhack

    Hacking Patch your English Pokemon Black/White Version for DSi Mode!

    UPDATE: There are actually two English-language scene releases of each ROM. There shouldn't be since there is actually no distinction at all in the ROM between "USA" and "EUR(ope)". However, the two scene releases are different because the "US version" was improperly dumped. As such this patch...
  4. Poryhack

    ROM Hack Trainer Toolkit ROM Patcher, need "tt.bin"

    I'm trying to get my Trainer Toolkit up and running, trouble is I thought the ROM Patcher would completely negate the need for an ARDS(i). Turns out I was somewhat wrong on that part as I need a dump of the trainer toolkit which I can only get myself if I have the Toolkit up and running already...
  5. Poryhack

    Homebrew Utilizing "NiFi" in Wii Homebrew

    Because I don't think the term NiFi is very well known, I'll explain. NiFi is the name given to Nintendo's tweaked form of WiFi which is used for all local communications between either multiple DSes or one+ DS and a wii. Most wireless APs will not pick it up and the few that do require hacked...
  6. Poryhack

    ROM Hack Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver BGM Removal Patch

    This is a patch for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver versions that disables the background music (BGM) while retaining all other sounds. I admit it's not that exciting but if you're recording for a video that you want to add your own music to or if you just don't like the music it can come in...
  7. Poryhack

    Remove (Anti-)Piracy Discussion from the ROM Hacking Forum?

    As a user that frequents the NDS ROM Hacking forum, I find myself constantly sifting through topics on anti-anti-piracy measures to get to topics that I consider real ROM hacking. Technically, yes, circumventing anti-piracy measures in ROMs is ROM hacking. But I'd be willing to bet that the...
  8. Poryhack

    ROM Hack ACF files

    There's a file that I suspect is in the new Pokemon Ranger 3 game that I would like to get at, however the ROM consists mostly of a few large container files with the extension ACF. I wondering if anyone has seen this before and specifically if it has already been "cracked". Any and all...
  9. Poryhack

    ROM Hack OPTPiX iMageStudio for NINTENDO DS (Click that^) I knew Nintendo had their own (developed in-house) graphics editor for NDS graphics, but I was doing some random googling and this came up. I don't know if any of you have seen it before but it was new to me. I got all excited...
  10. Poryhack

    ROM Hack CrystalTile2 2009.09.14 (Latest) Download

    If you don't already know, CrystalTile2 is one of the best NDS ROM hacking tools available. It combines the functions of a hex editor, disassembler, tile editor, NITRO filesystem browser, and more into one very versatile and useful tool for any NDS ROM hacker. The program has been mostly...
  11. Poryhack

    Hacking How is NDS Backup Tool 3in1 supposed to write to the microSD?

    I ask because I am not being prompted, seeing that as an option, etc after making any kind of backup (be it save or ROM) to my 3in1. It flashes, asks me to shut down, and when I turn it on I'm back to the point where I started. If it makes any difference I'm using the full-sized (not DSL)...
  12. Poryhack

    ROM Hack Hack the Pal Park Region-Lock in Pokemon HG/SS

    For the record this is just as doable if you want to migrate from a Spanish/German/French/Italian gen 3 game, but there's only so much space in a title and this is an English board. I've only included patches for English but I'm including details on how to do it, and if people want to make some...
  13. Poryhack

    ROM Hack CrystalTile2 won't save imported images?

    What I'm trying to do is open (import) a standard image in CrystalTile and save it in one of the many formats that the program supports. This seems to work perfectly up to the point where I actually save the image... All I get is an empty file, or, if I import over the top of the image I'm...
  14. Poryhack

    ROM Hack Pokemon Platinum Debug Menu

    Maybe you knew about this already maybe you didn't, but I don't think it has been publicized enough yet. This section can be found in the extracted text of Platinum (and HGSS for the record, although it's in Japanese obviously): View TXT file. Decided not to spoiler it because it's so long...
  15. Poryhack

    Hacking LZSS compressed files in Wii games

    I guess I'm not sure if this applies to Wii games in general, but I recently decided to hunt for some files in Pokemon Battle Revolution and noticed that most of the interesting files are LZSS compressed. After some searching I found a tool called gbalzss which has apparently been successful in...
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