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    Hacking Question about exosphere.ini and incognito

    Hi I want to use exosphere.ini and the line blank_prodinfo_emummc=1 to go incognito in emummc and since its a native feature of atmosphere and I use fusee-primary all the time I prefer it to the incognito_RCM solution. but I have some questions I want to ask before using it: 1) Can I restore...
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    ROM Hack Question [Request] immortal fenix rising graphics and fps mods

    It would be awesome if anyone could come up with some magic for this game to look a little bit more polished and playable. Is anybody working on it? Is it even possible? Edit 1 : sorry for the typo on the title I guess I can't fix it. Fenyx
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    Hacking Moving Emummc from old SD to New one with NxNandManager

    Hi As the title says I Moved my emummc to a new sd using NxNandManager. I used the emummc creation tool option and choose my old sd as input nand and my new sd as the target disk. it partitioned my new sd and everything seems to be ok. BUT there is this EmuMMc folder on fat32 partition of my old...
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    Hacking Corrupted Nand Backup

    Hi. I have seen people trying to restore their Backup for whatever reason and they figure their precious Backup is corrupted. And it got into my mind. How do I make sure that my Nand Backup is not damaged or corrupted? I make full nand Backup for every update with Hekate and dump all the keys...
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    Hacking Couple of questions

    Hi I have some questions 1) Is it necessary to initialize switch before nand backup every time a new firmware update comes? I mean can I backup my switch without removing games I bought/ download from eshop? 2) after reading threads about kosmos and vanilla atm I'm a bit confused. I know how to...
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    Hardware What is the safest way to switch sd cards with emummc

    I have two 128 GB sd cards both set up with emummc. What's the safest best way to switch between these cards without having to do autorcm
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    Hacking How active is switch lan play

    I really like online play in cfw and I'm not banned so I want to know is it worth it to go online and play some online games with random people on public servers. Is it popular enough to be able to find random people on SSBU without wanting for long periods of time? All answers are appreciated
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    Hacking Incognito mod

    How safe is it to use incognito and 90dns to go online for homebrew apps and ftp? I use atmospher emummc and only play online on OFW sysnand. I'm on flight mode no internet setup at all in emummc. Im not planning to use any kind of nintendo services like eshop or online there any major...
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    Hacking The software was closed because an error occurred

    Hi I once installed XC2 nsp with all the updates and dlc just fine and I deleted it after few minutes. Atmosphere 9.1 emummc 8.1 update. Now I I want to play it again I install the same files and it wont run and it says "The software was closed because an error occurred" or corrupt data...
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    Hacking Question Two questions about Emummc

    Hi I have emummc up and running on my 8.1 switch which was never hacked before. I have two questions. 1) I suppose Emummc and sysnand are totally separated and I believe that's the whole point But yesterday I tried to delete one of my Nintendo linked accounts from Emummc and since I was offline...
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    Hacking Failed to launch games on atmospher

    I managed to set up emummc and I have some nsp backups. I have copied the latest sigpatches and already have my prod.key. Now gold leaf installs them but it crashes the my friend pedro game and tinfoil installs deadcells and when I try to launch in it requires internet connection. I'm in flight...
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    Hacking Question Emummc sector

    My emummc sector is only 7 digits after 0x Am I supposed to put 0 at the end of it? And in the guide in the 4th part it says "Replace 0x00000000 with the offset you got from part 3 in MakeEmu" And in part 3 I get an emummc sector and a partition starting offset. Which one should I replace with...
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    Hacking Question Question about getting banned

    So I have an unpatched switch on 8.1 firmware version. I decided to hack my switch with atmospher since it supports emummc now. I managed to backup my boot1/2 and the other part and while I was trying to reboot to rcm it got to kosmos and booted up on atmospher accidentally while switch was in...
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