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    Hacking How to change basic settings from song to song

    I am looking to learn a little bit about arm assembly and GBA games that use the MP2K sound engine. I am mainly wanting to learn how to change sound engine settings when a new song is loaded. I already have a grasp on how to change sound engine settings in general. I apparently need to know a...
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    How to find music player information in weird nonstandard MP2K format?

    I have noticed that some GBA games that use the MP2K sound engine don't necessarily use nice and neat song table. They instead use a weird format that's not as nice and neat and is kind of confusing. My question here lies with the fact that I currently am not able to find where the song option...
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    Homebrew What is the 3ds capable of sound wise (Unlocked Thread)

    A moderator locked my of last thread (of the same name) for an unknown reason. This thread is to continue the discussion about what the 3ds can do sound wise. If a moderator wishes to manually lock this thread please contact me or state a reason before locking it. This thread is posted here on...
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    Do video games actually rot your brain?

    I am currently staying with some family friends through college and one day when one of their friends were over, the topic somehow turned to video games and young people. The friend that was over to help us shuck some corn said that "video games are rotting people's brains." I was in the room...
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    Hardware A general question regarding math calculations and ram on the GBA

    If a game developer were to use ram to perform quick mathematical calculations on the fly where would the most likely place be for that?
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    The text box is very small, and when I click on it, I can't type in it. Need help please. Any response to this problem will be better than no response at this point.
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    Gaming How should I insert pointers into a sappy .s file?

    I am currently trying to figure out how to use the memory access command for a song and I am not sure how to insert pointers into a sappy .s file. I have tried inputting the pointer like so 0x2000000, 02000000, 00 00 00 02. When taking a look at the track data in the rom it seems to think it's a...
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    ROM Hack How do you use the GBA MP2K MEMACC command in a sequence?

    I am trying to understand how this command works and what it can do? This document Summary of GBA standard sound driver (MusicPlayer2000) | VGMDocs ( explains more on how it works, however, I still don't know how to use it properly. For testing purposes I put this into one my...
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    Hardware Need help with finding song player table in weird GBA MP2K games

    I am specifically looking for a table of some sort that contains information on what songs use what sound player in games that have duplicate song tables. Honestly these tables are really weird and a nightmare to repoint or modify. Any information about these games that use duplicate song tables...
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    ROM Hack what is the best way to find parts of the MP2K sound engine within a gba rom?

    What is the best way to find everything related to the MP2K sound engine? I would like to know how to find all parts of the sound engine located in gba games. My main goal here is to be able to replace a sound engine used in a game that uses MP2K with another that uses a slightly different...
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    Gaming What do the direct sound buffer bytes look like in a GBA rom?

    I am currently trying to find the sound buffers for the direct sound channels on the M4A/MP2K sound engine. My intention is to change a game that uses mono output and get it to use stereo output. I have already found and located the sound mixer locations for games as well as where that data is...
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    I know I am about a month late on this, but deflemask tracker is no longer free on any platform. I was very disappointed when I recently found out that it is a paid for program on all platforms now including PC. I honestly don't think that program is worth any money at all considering that there...
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    Gaming Need help compiling ipatix agb programs

    The programs in particular are midi2agb and agbplay. This has been a very frustrating endeavor as I have been running into errors and internet searches have turned up very useless information. agbplay uses a normal makefile and midi2agb uses a mingw.makefile. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED
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    Gaming How did game devs emulate GB sound channels when making music for a GBA game?

    The square channels interact with each other in very unique ways; however, the Noise channels is something else. As an individual who has tried to emulate it using samples (pretty much because I don't have any knowledge about programming) it is very hard to determine what sound is associated...
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    Hardware Does anyone know of a way to increase the number of sound players for a GBA game?

    This is mostly about sound effects. ipatix told me that GBA games use multiple sound players to play sound effects. From the information I was provided, each sound player can play ONLY one song. So I am asking if anyone here knows how to increase the number of sound players the game can use as...
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    Hardware GBA high pitch screeching sound?

    I replaced the ending credits song in my rom hack and for some reason the sound engine seems to be having trouble with it. Once one of the sounds plays an A5 during the middle of the song what I can describe as a high pitched electronic screeching sound plays in the left ear, then the note...
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    Hardware How does GBA load audio files?

    The first question might kind sound of dumb, but can the 8bit DAC's on the GBA playback a 16bit audio file? How does the GBA load direct sound waveforms? I was able to get a 16 audio file that is 644kb to run in a GBA game! I assume at this point that samples are loaded directly from the...
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    ROM Hack Weird voice group glitch?

    I created a new voice group for my rom hack so I wouldn't have to replace existing sounds to make my sound effect work, and when I tried to use anything beyond instrument 6 in my new voice group Square 1, Square 2 and Noise channels would suddenly stop working properly for some reason with the...
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    ROM Hack What's the purpose of the direct sound limiter?

    What's the reason for it being there exactly? Wouldn't having no theoretical sound limit be more appealing than being limited to a certain number of sounds? The first level in Sonic Advance 2 has a problem where collecting rings causes pretty much every instrument to drop out except for the...
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    Gaming How do sound effects work on M4A GBA sappy games and what limitations are there?

    After I changed the value of one of the 00 02 01 00's to 00 02 02 00 then problems start to arise. I was just trying to get one sound effect to use both square 1 and square 2 and now something weird is going on, for example sometimes one of the sounds linked to the 02 01 (now changed to 02 02)...
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