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  1. ShadowEmerald

    Gaming New Pokemon trailer! Zygarde forms!

    Hype TRAIN
  2. ShadowEmerald

    ROM Hack [request] Fire Emblem: Fates Uncencorded Patch (Amie Restoration;ect)

    With the localized version finally out. How about the restoration of things removed like the revealing bath towels and ESPECIALLY AMIE. Maybe even japanese dub restoration.
  3. ShadowEmerald

    Gaming I scratched my Xbox 360 disc...anyone help?

    Info: My Halo Reach disc is unplayable....kinda. It does recognize as Halo Reach, so my theory is that if I had my game installed to my hard drive it would work. But I realized my disc is already scratched and won't install :(. I searched all around the internet if anyone had Halo uploaded (the...
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