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  1. reymas101

    Hacking ISO works in Multiman but unable to add to GAMES folder and boot from XMB

    Like the title says, I am able to load a game off my USB when I enter Multiman and manually click on the ISO. The game is multiple folders and I copied it to my hdd0 GAMES folder and the PS3 can't detect it. I want to be able to open the Webman folder from the XMB and open it without using...
  2. reymas101

    Homebrew White screen error with Twilight (DSi)

    I followed the DSi CFW guide and managed to install HiyaCFW. I also installed Twilight. When I open it the 2nd anniversary boot screen plays and then the screen just stays white. Not too sure what the problem is. I don't think it's Hiya because I when I hold select on boot the menu pops up. I'm...
  3. reymas101

    Hardware Charging/Battery issue with my vita?

    I recently bought a 3rd party adapter for my Vita because my first party one just stopped working out of nowhere. The new charger charges my vita fine at first (orange light is solid) but after 5 or so minutes it starts blinking very fast. The vita works fine when i'm using the USB cable to...
  4. reymas101

    Hacking PKGj error 0x80411607

    I keep getting this message when I try to install games. What am I doing wrong?? My Vita is 3.68 running Henkaku 4gb Sony Memory card
  5. reymas101

    Hacking Vita not charging after Henkaku install

    I'm on 3.68 and installed Henkaku and my Vita does not charge. If I completely shut it off it will flash orange randomly and when it's on (the vita) and I connect it to an outlet nothing happens. It's not the Vita or the port because when I connect it to my computer both are recognised. Am I...
  6. reymas101

    Hacking Export/Copy PS1 Saves to USB?

    How do I do it? I went into save data utility and copied over a save file (successfully) but when I put the flash drive into my computer I can't find it. I checked the SAVEDATA folder in the PS3 folder but only PS3 saves are there.
  7. reymas101

    Hacking Best PS3 Cheat Tool?

    What the title says. Artemis seemed pretty good but it keeps freezing. Any other easy alternatives?
  8. reymas101

    Hacking Beyond confused with CFW and backups

    Is there a foolproof, noob friendly PS3 Backup guide out there? I have Webman and Ferrox and Rebug but I can't figure out how to install PS3 games, PSP games, PS2 games, or PS1 games for the life of me
  9. reymas101

    Hacking Best option for backups?

    I got Ferrox CFW and I'm on REBUG 4.8.1 today and I'm curious as to if there's any sort of homebrew app that lets me install backups onto my hard drive. If not, what's the best backup loader? I saw a bunch and don't know what to go with
  10. reymas101

    Hacking Need help with CFW

    I'm on 4.82 on a Slim ps3 and verified that my system can be hacked. I'm following this ( guide but I am stuck. When I go on redthetrainer/ps3/ I do everything the site says and then it says "triggering...
  11. reymas101

    Homebrew Question about updating...

    I haven't used my 3DS for quite some time, but with the announcement of Metroid Samus Returns I'd like to return to the system for a bit. I have Luma 3DS and I'm on 11.2U (new 3DS xl) and I want to update. However, I heard there was a ban-wave a short while ago. How would I update my system to...
  12. reymas101

    Gaming Custom amiibo not working

    I ordered a set of 10 ntags from AliExpress to write amiibo.bin data. The file is fine and it writes perfectly but when I scan the tag in a game it says it's not an amiibo? The tag is Ntag216 but it said it was 215 compatible. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. reymas101

    Hacking Zelda BotW Question

    I downloaded the .tik off that title key site and it downloaded fine, but when I tried to install it neither WUP Installer GX2 and Y Mod can install it. I'm also using FunkiiU but it gives me a warning saying the TMD might not work. Any help?
  14. reymas101

    Homebrew Change browser start page?

    How do I change the browser's start up page?
  15. reymas101

    Hardware Repair Question

    It's hardly noticeable but it makes me uncomfortable. I dropped my New 3DS XL and on the top left of the top screen a couple pixels died. I have Luma CFW. Where can I send it in for reparation? (I mention the CFW because i'm scared Nintendo won't accept it)
  16. reymas101


    I tried following this guide and my 3ds soft brick and i managed to gt into sae mode and its updating now but the top screen is yellow
  17. reymas101

    Hacking Switching to sysNand?

    I'm trying to use decrypt9 but it keeps giving me a red screen and resets to the HBL. I think I need to be on sysNand. How do I switch back?
  18. reymas101

    Homebrew DSihax Installation Question

    How stable is the installer? I'm not sure if it's working or freezes because when I try to return to the HBL nothing happens. I get this screen... What do I do?
  19. reymas101

    Homebrew DSi Downgrade Question

    I have a new 3ds that I would like to install CFW on. However it's on 11.2 and as far as I know downgrading doesn't work. I do have TLOZ Four Swords DSi on my n3ds and I have an o3ds with a9lh and Luma CFW. Am I out of luck? (Picture might explain things better) Thanks!
  20. reymas101

    Homebrew Homebrew Launcher not working

    I just downloaded the homebrew appstore and updated my launcher from 1.3 to 1.4 but when I try to launch it I get a black screen that says one of the two things: ".ELF not found" or "FSopenfile failed" what am I doing wrong? (I'm on 5.5.1U and don't have CFW installed)
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