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    Hardware What happens if I change the internal storage of the switch?

    P. s. I know im bad at english, but if i change the internal storage to A new One will it have some kind of bios?
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    Hardware Can i buy a new internal storage for switch and jailbreak it? I have patched switch.

    P.S. sry for my bad english So i heard that u can jailbreak patched switch, but i updated it to bios 9.0.1. If i buy a new internal storage can i jailbreak it?
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    Hardware So my switch is patched, can i buy a new internal storage?

    I bought a new switch, i didnt knew u can jaibreak it so i updated its bios. Now i have 9.0.1, but i saw that u can jaibreak it if you have version 4.0.5. So i was thinking if I boy a new internal storage and replace it can I jailbreak it?
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