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    Hacking What to do when selling a modded Wii U

    Just to update. Savemii did save me, I was able to recover every save from my WiiU and Wii. I haven't tested the WiiU ones but all my Wii saves are working, I will finally be able to start Metroid Prime 3 and finish the trilogy (had a 100% save on Metroid Prime 1 and 2).
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    The Nintendo Switch is officially launching in Brazil

    Nahh I think the games were priced correctly or at least closer to what one would pay importing by themselves. For games to be sold at $80, the dollar to real conversion would have to be less than 2 reais at the time. I had a full set of Wii U releases and I think the worst I paid was Bayonetta...
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    The Nintendo Switch is officially launching in Brazil

    I would only buy if it had at most the same price as the X1 but as I know it will come with an obscene price tag, this new means nothing to me.
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    Gaming Lego City Undercover NTSC-U - Looking for a high completion save game

    I have no idea about the completion percentage but I'm almost sure I almost sure . I might try to extract mine if you're interested because I was already planning to backup my wii/wwi U saves. ps. Do'nt have the game anymore so I can't quick check it.
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    Hacking What to do when selling a modded Wii U

    Thanks guys and gals!! I kinda want to leave it unlocked for the new owner. If I dont give my password, can they retrieve it somehow or do something bad? Wii U hack was the one that uses a legit DS game (Brain Age).
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    Hacking What to do when selling a modded Wii U

    I'm planning to sell my Wii U after backing up my saves from WiiU/VWii and replacing the gamepads LCD (the left part is darkened for some reason but the touch isn't affected). Questions I have: 1. What are the best tools nowadays to backup the saves from Wii U and from the vWii? 2. Is there...
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    Gaming New details of BOTW Season Pass DLC 1

    Loving this update. Thank god I decided to not use a guide and didn't grind form materials. Still have some armors to upgrade and 650+ korok seeds to find, Hero's path + korok mask + small quests/hints to find the new gear + hard mode + trials should breath some new life, The only thing I don't...
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    Comment by 'ReBirFh' in 'My opinion on: Weebs'

    Do a blog post about "internet normies" it's the first time I heard this expression.
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    Comment by 'ReBirFh' in 'My opinion on: Weebs'

    @VinLark That's why some preffer Dead or Alive /s
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    Comment by 'ReBirFh' in 'My opinion on: Weebs'

    As I understand and perceived from reactions to certain things on the internet, a Weeb is just an unconditional fan of japanese stuff almost like a religion. Any changes to the original is perceived as heresy (like desecrating a bible or any holy book if you're into religion), he will love the...
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    Comment by 'ReBirFh' in 'Portuguese Leftist used the Portuguese flag as table towel'

    I don't think it is disrespectful but I also don't know how nationalist people from Portugal are. I heard somewhere that Disney uses a modified US flag so they don't have to follow the procedures the flags should follow.
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    Gaming Zelda: Breath of the NES fan-game has been DMCA'd by Nintendo.

    Not all but most of those fan games seems to be made to achieve 15 minutes of fame in the wake of some popular release. This one specifically was in a site that accepted donations. If you're talented or have something worth of showing you can do better than mimic something else using...
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    Homebrew [Request/Idea] Using Wii U Pro Controller on 3DS/2DS?

    Going to revive this because I think it is a good idea. I don't know if it depends on the person vision acuity but even the stable 3D from the N3DS requires it to be a certain distance from your eyes, making it a bit less confortable to use if you want to experience 3D. It would be nice with...
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    Homebrew [Release] CIAngel - download GOOD cias right on your 3ds :)

    Just wanted to say thanks to the devs, works flawlessly. I had tried freeshop before but it crashed while loading the list.
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    Nintendo's next-generation console is codenamed 'NX'

    They won't, it's more likely this new dedicated game system is the 3DS successor. Unfortunately this new membership thing with the easy of acess from any cellphone will mean we will never have club nintendo like prizes.
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    Gaming Why 2 different Amiibo's for the same character?

    People also forget you can buy, unlock and sell without losing most of the current extra content and barely losing any money or that you could just borrow, unlock and give back the amiibo.
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    Hardware Would you buy an HD GamePad (v2.0) if Nintendo released it?

    He said "within a decent price range". How much costs a Nvidia Shield? does it stream or only receive the content being streamed? Does it generate two different streams? can it read bluray discs?
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    Hardware Would you buy an HD GamePad (v2.0) if Nintendo released it?

    And on PC you can recoup the costs very fast because of the cheaper price of games. I really don't have any problem with the quality of Wii U's game pad, besides, it fits like a glove for GBA and Wii games.
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    Misc NNID Exchange Thread

    Feel free to add me;) NNID: ReBirFh
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    Hacking Wii vs vWii

    I discovered this today while testing my Wii before selling and I was surprised by the image's quality too. My question is: vWii thorugh componnet cables will give the same image quality as an Wii on component?
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