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    Hacking Guide to installing + uninstalling YSmenu on the R4

    first of all i would like to thank the author of this great guide. it help me alot since i was running on the old official R4 firmware. secondly, i followed the guide step by step and nothing is wrong with playing games i just have a few questions about weird files in my card that your guide...
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    Kick Gaming site re-launch and contest!

    WOW another giveaway i love gbatemp. hopefully i am lucky enough to win one of those giveaways!!
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    Hacking R4DS action replay help plese

    yes i have read the all of that and i am not asking for roms i was just simply asking for a website.
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    new to site

    hi everyone. after hours and hours of searching for a site that could help me i have found the perfect one GBATEMP.NET!! hopefully i get all the help and answer i need. thank you to the creators of the site and to all who are involved and support.
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    Hacking R4DS action replay help plese

    hi guys im new to the site. well i will get straight to the point my problem is the same thing i have done everything to get my AR to work but it wont. i have deleted my my card and started from scratch. i have even went down to a 1.08 kernel and still it does not show my cheats or the y to...
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