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  1. Zris96

    Hacking Any way to mount EmuMMC on PC?

    I need to mount my EmuMMC on my pc I know I can mount eMMC with hacdiskmount and memloader, but it dont let me mount the EmuMMC... Is there anyway to mount it?
  2. Zris96

    Hacking Restore nand using a GPP nand backup?

    Well, I made a backup long ago before I start using homebrew and stuff like that... the thing is that made it using GPP Partitions (the 2 options that says "eMMC SYS" and "eMMC USER") and the eMMC BOOT0 & BOOT1; So now I want to restore using this backup but I don't see any rawbackup.bin file in...
  3. Zris96

    Hacking Stuck at switch logo after changing from emummc to sysnand

    I had AutoRCM on for a while and I turn it off to use my Sysnand to play online meanwhile I have my Emunand to have all my hombrew stuff... The thing is, whenever I change from the emunand to the sysnand my switch stuck in the logo, so I have to press the power button to it turns off, and then...
  4. Zris96

    ROM Hack Question Smash amiibo lv50 without increased damage/defence?

    Is there any way to make the amiibo do the same damage and have the same defence as the player or a normal CPU ?
  5. Zris96

    Homebrew Error trying to update firmware using ChoidojourNX

    As the title says... I'm getting error when I'm trying to update from 7.0.1 to 8.0.0 , I was using Kosmo's with atmosphere 0.8.8 and then update atmosphere to 0.8.9 to see if that solve the problem, tried downloading again the firmware, tried with another micro SD, tried with the...
  6. Zris96

    ROM Hack Question Any way to transfer savedata of layeredfs to a game installed with dev menu?

    I have some games in my SD installed with layeredfs (like octopath traveler, donkey kong tf, etc...) and recently I've started to install games with Dev Menu... the thing is that I installed Doom but for some reason it's not playable when layeredfs is active, so I wanted to know if there is any...
  7. Zris96

    Hacking Question About AutoBoot of Hekate 3.0

    So... actually I use the one includes in the Pragma's LFS kit and I wanted to know somethings about this Auto Boot and the new update of Hekate... 1. Auto boot means we don't need a jig and a PC/phone to enter RCM? 2. Does it works with 5.1.0? 3. I read that some people are having issues with...
  8. Zris96

    Hacking Question What version is compatible with Micro SDXC (128GB)?

    I'm planning to buy a 128gb micro SDXC... I've searching on Google about the compatible version of the firmware but the only thing I found is things like "You need to update your console to use it"... so, any of you know which version is required to use this kind of micro SD?
  9. Zris96

    Hacking Question What are the steps from 0 to CFW?

    I was just wondering... what are the steps to get a CFW on a console, not only for the switch, for all console?.. I mean... I know it's a chain of bugs but... what's the general progress for it? First exploits then homebrews (I guess)... then what? By the way... sorry if this thread don't...
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