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    Gaming On SRW T & FF X & FFX-2

    hello, I wanted to ask a few questions about these 2. On SRW-T (super robot wars t), there is a main file, and the update file. However, I don't see any DLCs installed (because in game, it says "go download from e-shop". What am I doing wrong? Also, on FF front, the seems to be an asian...
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    Hardware Switch not turning on (need insights)

    Hi folks. I've read abi, but i'm not sure if I'm doing it right. In any case, i have a 'dead' switch that just refuses to charge (actually, I don't even know if its charging). What I have and what I know: I have 2 Switches. One hacked (the one that's dead) and the other one clean. the charger...
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    Hacking Question Am I doing it right? (if I have 2 Switch Consoles)

    Hi, folks. I would like to ask a few questions. (originally i asked this elsewhere but the post just got buried with no response). I've got a hackable console (let's call it console A) which is on firmware 5.0.1. I'm getting a new 2nd hand console (which is patched), but i'm not sure of the...
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