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  1. gman666

    Political Typology + Survey

    America is filled with such diverse people that have a multitude of political standings.. This means that most people have leanings that may contradict their preferred political party. However, today's climate seems to force people to choose a political party and accept a platform that goes...
  2. gman666

    Things you hate to hear/read from tech impaired people

    Hey Guys! I recently watched a video of Dolphin (Emulator) gameplay and I was reading the comments. Some of the comments were on topic, but there was occasionally comments that really irritated me. These comments were from technologically impaired people who didn't seem to grasp the...
  3. gman666

    Hacking anyone else having problems with open CMA or CMA?

    Hey guys my vita must hate me cause every time i try to connect it to open cma or even cma it does not recognize it. Has anyone had the same problem or something different? I know it says to turn off the usb power feature but i don't think it's that. Maybe a driver problem? Idk. Help? OK i...
  4. gman666

    Hacking public exploit!

    Hey everyone it's public the game to buy is UNO ($4.99) The CEF will be released soon. Have fun!
  5. gman666

    Hardware pokemon co admits the 3ds uses dual core cpu's

    just thought everyone should know they also explain how they are used ---- EDIT: srry for the mistake i meant 2 cpus and i know about the scans from ifixit that showed 2 cpus but i just thought that people would just like to know how they are...
  6. gman666

    Hacking nintendo hacked?

    yo hows it goin i've been visiting this site and i just thought that every one should look at this i hope i informed everyone.....the post explains itself
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