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    Hardware nintendo 3ds - acekard roms wont connect to wifi

    i can succesfully connect on my 3ds home menu, when i play roms on my acekard 2i it will see the network but connect
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    Hacking acekard 2i wi fi problems

    im using an acekard 2i on my 3ds (i did the update) on the main menu of my 3ds i can connect to my router, but on all the roms it will not optain ip address and refer me to nintendos site. how can i fix this? thanks in advance!
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    ROM Hack dq9 online? or games like dq9

    hello, today i got dragon quest 9 sentinels of stary skies for ds. i found out theres no global wi fi feature, wich REALLY sucks for me, so i was wondering if there is any way to get online with other people from afar, i know psp has somethink called x link kai wich allows you to connect to...
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    Hacking acekard 2i akio 1.6rc freezes ALOT please help

    my acekard 2i (on dsi ) freezes alot, like every 10 to 15 mins. on EVERY game. it used to be working fine, but all of the sudden it starts to freeze now its hard to get 5 mins into a game. W T F. i noticed too that whenever i touch the acekard (physically) like just brush my finger over top of...
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    ROM Hack pokemon SS map dissapear?

    im in violet city, just got first badge, and now my map isnt in my pokegear. i searched up online other people are having the same problem, something to do with some cheat thing i must of used. it says i can get it back if i go to olivia city. but again, i have no map, so i have no idea where...
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    ROM Hack sd card wont let me move/delete/rename files?

    ever since i did the update thing so it acekard will work on dsi 1.4, it wont let me do anything with the files. i need to rename the .sav file because it doesnt recognize it anymore ( i see why, and i can fix it , but it wont let me name or delete them) im using the akio thing, and on my pc it...
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    ROM Hack how to make a rom use another roms .SAV file?

    i had a shitty pokemon rom the kept freezing, and now i have another pokemon rom (and akio thing) but it wont read the .sav file, it just creates a new one. how do i make a different rom(same game) use another rom(again, the same game)'s .SAV file
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    Gaming how to put cheats on acekard

    brand new to this whoe acekard thingie. i want to get cheats for pokemon soul silver 2 questions is there a cheat that lets me get any pokemon ( i want pokemon from other games - bulbasour, charmander, and squirtle) how do i put it on acekard/ how do i activate or use it?
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    ROM Hack working pokemon SS english fo acekard

    im not asking for a link or anything (although some hint as to where it is would be nice) but imd wondering if there is a working soul silver pokemon rom for acekard that means no crashing(or very little) or anything like that, the one i have ccrashes very frequently. thanks. (also i have a...
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