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  1. mrtimotei

    Gaming Xbox One S Launches Games Into Blu Ray Player?

    I'm trying to play Call of Duty Black Ops on my friends Xbox One S, yet whenever the disc is inserted it launches the blu ray player instead of installing the game. Error code: 0x91d70001 comes up when doing this. Strange that it's coming up because I'm inserting a Xbox360 game, and not a normal...
  2. mrtimotei

    Gaming Any Way to still get the Rock Band 2 Export Pack?

    Keep in mind, this is on Xbox360. I'm not doing this for Rock Band 4. I see that it's too late to export the RB2 songs if you haven't done so already. I still have a free code to export it. (Never used it because I'm lazy. And now I'm regretting that decision.) Is there any way to still get...
  3. mrtimotei

    Hardware Faster Load Times on SD Card or External HDD?

    With Xenoblade Chronicles X's release next month, I remembered that there's going to be an option to install certain parts of the game onto the Wii U to improve load times. However, I know my Wii U is beginning to run low on space, and I will need external storage. Is there a difference between...
  4. mrtimotei

    Gaming Complete Save File for Fossil Fighters?

    Does anyone happen to have a completed 100% save file of the first Fossil Fighters game? I'm talking all Vivosaurs, max points, highest ranking, end of game, etc. Action Replay doesn't appear to have any codes that take me to the end.
  5. mrtimotei

    Best Way to Record a "Top-Down" View with an iPod?

    I know this is going to sound stupid, and I'm not even sure if this is the right place to post... Basically, I plan to record a video of me taking something apart. (My 3DS, to be exact.) The only good camera I have to record with is my iPod Touch. And it doesn't have a stand so... What would...
  6. mrtimotei

    Gaming Can't Transfer Certain Pokemon To Pokemon Bank?

    So, I just got Pokemon bank, and I wanted to trade over some of the event Pokemon, like Arceus and Darkrai, to the bank. (Keep in mind, these are from Pokemon DPPt.) However, the transporter told me that "some Pokemon could not be sent", and it removed them from the transfer. Now, these...
  7. mrtimotei

    Hardware WiFi Card Burning Out?

    Alright, I'm just going to cut to the chase: I have an Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN WiFi card in my laptop. I've had this laptop for about 4 years now, and about 1 week ago, I started having this problem... Every time I turn on my computer, I connect to my network with no problem. But, maybe 30...
  8. mrtimotei

    Hacking Is This A Reliable Website To Buy An EZ-FLASH IV?

    I've been interested in looking for a place to buy an EZ-FLASH IV, and I found this website. But, does anyone know if this website is trustworthy? Does anyone know of a more reliable website? I appreciate the help. EDIT: I also just found this website. Is this one trustworthy, too?
  9. mrtimotei

    Is The EasyCap USB 2.0 Good For VIEWING Games?

    Due to the fact that my TV has a very crappy quality, I've been looking for ways to play games, mainly my old game consoles (PS2, SNES, N64, etc.) on my computer screen. I heard about the EasyCap_USB_2.0 and I've been considering buying it. But before I do, I want to know, how good is it, in...
  10. mrtimotei

    What Do I Need To Play My Old Game Consoles On A Computer Monitor?

    I've never really toyed around with this kind of technical stuff, so I need to know (Mostly for curiosity), if I wanted to play an old game console (A PS2 for example), on a computer monitor (through VGA input), what cords, etc. do I need to do this? If you could give me links to "said cords"...
  11. mrtimotei

    Apple Why Won't My Album Artwork Display?

    I have a jailbroken (red sn0w) iPod Touch 4G, firmware 5.1.1. I don't know how the hell this happened. Every song on my iPod lost the album artwork. And no matter what I can't put the artwork back on. In iTunes, in the bottom left corner, it says there is no artwork. But if I right-click the...
  12. mrtimotei

    Video Games Where You Felt Powerful

    This is a very simple question. What game have you played where you felt you were the most powerful, or have mastered the hardest objective/level/etc.? An example I personally have, is in Kingdom Hearts II. I spent hours, getting to level 99, mastering Final Form, and obtaining the Ultima...
  13. mrtimotei

    Gaming Will Penumbra Black Plague Run On My Video Card?

    I have a Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset for my Video Card. Yes, I am on a laptop, and I know that it sucks... badly. But I saw that on the Steam Summer Sale, they have Penumbra for $5. I'm wondering if it will run/at least start up, on this laptop, because I know that Amnesia has that...
  14. mrtimotei

    I Got A $25 Amazon Gift Card. What Game Do I Buy?

    Obviously, like the title says, I've got money for Amazon, and there's a bunch of games I wanna buy. The problem is I can only buy ONE of these games: -P.N.03 (Gamecube) -Kirby Air Ride (Gamecube) -Super Smash Bros. Melee (Gamecube) -Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1) -Silent Hill (PS1)...
  15. mrtimotei

    Gaming How Much Would It Cost To Replace A Laptop Keyboard?

    I have a Dell Studio 1555 Laptop. Due to the fact that my "W" key is broken, I need to know, About how much would it cost to replace the keyboard? P.S. The way I currently type "W" is by pressing "Page Up." Obvioulsy, this makes playing games like Team Fortress 2 and Garry's Mod a pain in the...
  16. mrtimotei

    Gaming How EXACTLY Do You Recieve The Purple Pieces For PuzzleSwap?

    I know that if you tag someone who has a purple piece, then you can get it from them. Aside from that, I have no clue how to get the purple pieces. Does anyone know? If I remember correctly, you can also get them from SpotPass, right? I find this completely false though, because I have never...
  17. mrtimotei

    Hardware Play Games On A Bigger Display?

    I know that with DS Emulators, you can easily just hook up your computer to display it on a TV or somethin', unless you've got a big ass monitor. But, I was wondering, since there aren't emulators for the 3DS (Yet), is there a way to play games on a bigger display? I know that sounds kind of...
  18. mrtimotei

    Hacking One Loader Will Load The Game, The Other Won't...

    So I just added a new game to my HDD, and when I go into WiiFlow, it's not there. But then i tried CFG USB Loader, and the game showed up. Any reason why it won't load in WiiFlow?
  19. mrtimotei

    Hardware Dead Pixel Or Just A Smudge?

    This really hasn't been an issue with me until now. I got my 3DS at launch, and just a few days ago, I noticed what appear to be dead pixels on my screen. But, the weird thing is that I only see them when I turn the 3D on. When it's off, I don't see them at all. Is it just a smudge? Are they...
  20. mrtimotei

    Hardware Black Box On Recorded Videos?

    So after recording a video on my 3DS and then putting it on my computer to watch, there's this weird black box that pops up in the center of the video. This happens when you maximize your video player. Here look (Sorry, big image. Plus, I don't know how to put it into a spoiler): " " Anyone...
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