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    Homebrew [Question/Request] Retail DS cartridges save dumper for 3DS

    There's any way to dump the saves of a retail DS cartridge on a 3DS? There is any homebrew (either ninjhax, CIA, GW's 3ds format) capable of doing a dump on 3DS? I know that SaveDataFiler doesn't work with DS carts, and the "DS slot1" methods doesn't work on the 3DS because we can't swap...
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    Hacking Pokémon transfer between EZFV 3in1 and DS Games on AK2

    Ok, little question here, about running GBA Pokémon Games and transfer it's pokémon to the DS games. Asking this because my googleing sucked and I don't find answers =\ Here's a little scenario that I like to do: EzFlashV 3 in 1 side: -Play Pokémon Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald (I prefer Emerald, but...
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