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  1. Ulttimaa

    Hacking Running legit copy of Skyward Sword

    I have a modded Wii, but I'm going to be buying Skyward Sword on Sunday. Now, I have automatic updates disabled with startpatch, but will I have any problems running the game otherwise? Metroid Other M had some issues unless I ran it from a backup launcher. Is there a specific ios or a...
  2. Ulttimaa

    Gaming Adding Wii Codes on 4.2U

    Can you still add people to your Wii Address book on 4.2U? I have the updated IOS to use the Shop Channel and everything, Wiiconnect24 is turned on, and I can get online just fine, but me and a friend added eachother, but the names are still greyed out. It's been like this for an hour and a half.
  3. Ulttimaa

    Gaming Getting legit DL games to work on CFW?

    I have PSNLover installed, and I can access PSN on my PSP, however whenever I go download something, it gives me an error. It won't let me download free things like Themes, but it'll let me download Games or demos. However, once I run those games(Tested P3P which I actually bought on PSN, and...
  4. Ulttimaa

    Hacking Playing music while playing games?

    Is there any way to play music from an HDD while playing a game using a USB Loader, or something? Like, to have the music over the ingame audio.
  5. Ulttimaa

    Gaming MH3 Cheat for Talisman

    I'm wondering if a cheat code exists that would put a specific Talisman in my equipment box. To be honest, I'm extremely tired of trying to farm for this extremely rare talisman. It'd be fine if it was like, a Rathian Ruby or something that meant I had a chance of getting it every single Rathian...
  6. Ulttimaa

    Hacking Getting the Acekard 2i to work on a DSi XL

    I'm planning on picking up a DSi XL tomorrow, but to get the money, I'm selling my current DS. So, before I do all that, what should I do to my Acekard to ensure it'll work on a DSi after that? Don't you need to update specific things with a DS Lite or something before?
  7. Ulttimaa

    Gaming Planning on selling my Wii

    Not exactly sure if this is the right place to put this, but well... I'll try here. Anyways, I want to sell my Wii. I pretty much don't really have any interest in it anymore. My Wii is currently hacked on firmware 4.2U. What steps should I take in making sure I keep myself safe when selling...
  8. Ulttimaa

    Gaming FATMS Hack for 5.50 GEN D3?

    Does it exist? I've tried googling for it, and I came up with one for GEN D2, but I don't want to do everything that it's asking just to find out it won't work.
  9. Ulttimaa

    Hardware Converting .sav to .gba.sav?

    Well, ever since I got an Acekard 2i, GBAExploader has stopped working for me. I mean, I had an EDGE before. Worked perfectly. Then when I got my Acekard, it worked okay every now and then, then when I cleared my NOR through my Acekard, it stopped working. I can load GBA ROMs from the Acekard...
  10. Ulttimaa

    Welp welp welp, I just wasted a good hour.

    So, I've been pretty pumped for Monster Hunter Tri, right? Super pumped. I can not wait for it at ALL. Got my copy preordered for tuesday, and I'm going to be getting a Classic Controller Pro and (hopefully) wii speak with it. HOWEVER! I happened to get a little tip off that some walmarts are...
  11. Ulttimaa

    Homebrew Looking for help on dumping a save file.

    I followed the instructions over here - However, on the first screen, the B button option "New SAV file create" is greyed out, and hitting the B button doesn't do anything. I have my game in, and it is recognized by the tool, but I can't...
  12. Ulttimaa

    Hacking Going to replace the case and button pads on my NDS Lite

    I'm going to be replacing the case(Broken hinge, scratches, it won't last much longer in this form.) and the D-Pad/XYAB buttons(My Down and Right pads are so worn out that it's almost painful to press on them). I'm just double-checking back here to make sure I've got all I need. I'll be...
  13. Ulttimaa

    Gaming PSP Revolution

    I seem to be having some sort of problem with PSPR. Now, the game will load fine and everything, but the songs skip a LOT. No setting within the game seems to fix it. It's not bad at all on the menu(although the skipping is more prevalent there), but when you get into a song, the skipping...
  14. Ulttimaa

    Gaming Question about hacking to ChickHEN

    Being that my Battery is coming from hong kong, I'm expecting a rather long wait for it to get here. So, in the time being, since I got my 8gb Memory Stick, I was considering using ChickHEN to temporarily hack my PSP to use some emulators. Now, I have OFW 5.03 on my PSP at the moment. If I...
  15. Ulttimaa

    Gaming Sigh, I hate to ask this, but, can I update?

    I recently picked up a PSP 2000. It's hackable as far as I know. I've got an 8gb Memory Stick and a Pandora's Battery coming, but I decided to go out and pick up Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for 16$. Now, I've got Firmware 3.95 on here. I've heard that Pandora's Battery will be able to install...
  16. Ulttimaa

    Hacking Updating to the latest Wii System version.

    I've had homebrew 4.0U for a while now. I don't use it for anything anymore. I want to get rid of it without reformating my wii. I recently purchased NSMBwii, and it won't let me play without updating my wii first. However, I'm worried. They say that the removal of modifications can...
  17. Ulttimaa

    Hacking AKAIO NOR Clear Option Broke GBAExploader.

    Well, basically, I seem to be having a weird issue, and I just want to know if my 3in1 is completely screwed or not. So, I've owned an EDGE before, and I've used GBAExploader with no problems. I switched over to the Acekard, and I had a problem, which didn't really bother me. I would load up...
  18. Ulttimaa

    Hacking Problem after using NOR Clearing option on Acekard 2i

    Well, basically, I seem to be having a weird issue, and I just want to know if my 3in1 is completely screwed or not. So, I've owned an EDGE before, and I've used GBAExploader with no problems. I switched over to the Acekard, and I had a problem, which didn't really bother me. I would load up...
  19. Ulttimaa

    Hacking Acekard 2i Vs. Acekard 2

    Now, I have an EDGE, but due to all the amazing feedback I've been hearing about the Acekard 2, I've decided to get one. Just to make sure, The Acekard 2i is the exact same as the Acekard 2, right? I have a DS Lite, and I pretty much don't ever plan to upgrade to the DSi. If they are, then I'll...
  20. Ulttimaa

    Hacking Can Nintendo force update the wii?

    So, I've been reading up and I've heard about Nintendo being able to detect if you're using a .wad of VC game. I have two questions about this. The first being, simply, can Nintendo force an update onto your Wii to brick it or disable your Virtual Console Wads? Now, I've also heard that your...
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