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    ROM Hack 3DS eShop Intrigiuging discovery...

    Not sure I can do much to verify this but other than a few tests after the new system update and a good enough firmware with the AceKard2i I noticed that the Nintendo eShop errored at startup with my flashcard in the DS. Upon removal it launched fine. After an update the eShop booted fine with...
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    Hacking Help with Wii

    I recently used his updater(the first one) on my 4.2U Wii. It did put it on 4.3 but removed the HBC. I have since talked with him and he told me to run the new one. The new one however the Wii Remote shuts off and does not come back on so I cant start the installation. [Note: I did press A on...
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    Hacking Quick Question

    Anyone own and used a Acekard with the DSi and tried the latest firmware? I see a new update and I was on 1.4 so im just curious if it still works before I update. Edit: Updated and no issues. So no longer need an answer.
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    ROM Hack R4CCE08 Help Needed

    Im trying to use the R4CCE to edit my codes I got for Metroid Prime Hunters. I want it instead of holding Y for example I want to be able to hold L and R for example. Can anyone provide me a list of activation codes or tell me how to have R4CCE mark the activation code as hold buttons insteada...
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