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  1. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'If you want to dry out the swamp: Don't ask the frogs'

    Na oida,des geht aba a........😠 Hey older,this go but too... Unbelievable,sad but true (like an good,old Heavy Metal Musician would say...)....but one Thing is different to Austria: They have not even talked themselves out of the fact that there are no beds and carers available, since all of...
  2. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'Busy Being Dead'

    But.....Atari 800 XL was always better.....😂💖😉
  3. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'Busy Being Dead'

    I remember the Times where you had an Commodore C64 Avatar Picture.😉💖
  4. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'Impending Doom'

    Since Covid in the last Months,this is no longer a World of Acceptance and tolerance,that's over ... Very sad,but...that´s Humans......
  5. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'Belgian covid madness (part 2)'

    Hello my Friend.😊 makes me very sad to hear/read of your "psychic Condition"..😢 I really hoped,your little Sunshine helps you and your Family a little in these "bleak" Times... And also your Doggie.... But it is absolutely understandable.... This Feeling "I have done everything right,I...
  6. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'Don't do DRM yourself – Sinchen got another garbage CD (420KB pictures)'

    Not the Reading or Copy Protection.The Games mostly use Quick Time (3) Player for the Videos and Gameplay. I am not really a Fan of the Quicktime Format and installing a newer Version is out of the Question. So the only Way is a Windows XP (or better 98SE) PC and guess who have actual no...
  7. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'Don't do DRM yourself – Sinchen got another garbage CD (420KB pictures)'

    Bravo,dear Sinchen,outstanding Recherche,Test and Result.👌 I wish,I can got all my Kinder Games back AND to work (Teletubbies,Bob,the Builder,Bear in the blue House....)
  8. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'Visit a doctor…'

    Sometimes I like the "everybody should pay for his own Health" Thought.....sometimes. Unfortunately that also means "No Money,no Medical Care..." Hmm,but wait,we have a Characterstic,a Human one,let me think a little...I have it in a Second,please..... Got it - Personal,individual...
  9. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'Visit a doctor…'

    Hah,haha..........good Topic,Sinchen: Last Week "No Unvaccinated Patients welcome !" Now this "Doctor" has his Message a little "toned down" - 2G Welcome !" And,of Course "Wearing an FFP2 Mask !"
  10. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'A very sus day'

    That Green Trash Can....ahhhh....Polly Pocket is back !!!! 😂
  11. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'Palm Oil and similar derivats..'

    Near impossible than Palm Oil to "remove" from actual Food Markets... The "Fertig Produkte" (Convenience Food) has taken the World...... No matter if they branded it with "BIO" and Free from Flavor Enhancer"..... is ok,everbody is free to eat what he likes.😊 Some "Viruses" are...
  12. Alexander1970

    Review by 'Alexander1970' in '0 XP left to reach Level 8'

    Yes,a good Entry,yes...a Good.😊💖
  13. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'I'm still not dead - August '21 edition'

    It is not you alone.... All those EU Pro Morons are now on the "I knew it..." Train.... The "Brext is shit" one.... ....fuck them.....I am very proud of you,my Britain Friends. Yes,you maybe have a little hard time now (Corona is also "helpful" for this fucking Situation on your island..)...
  14. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'When the Machine Translation wants to sell Girls (180KB)'

    As you said -> 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦 (and yes,it is a Woman,a Man and a "Person")😊
  15. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'The PC is doing a good Job since 2010.'

    Hello my Friends.😉 I have some little Updates from my Senior PC. Bought 2x4 GB 1600 MHz RAM Unfortunately the Gigabyte Mainboard had some "strange Issues". After installing the new Memory,the PC s no longer booting - No Signal. And further,after reinserting the old RAM,also no Boot/No...
  16. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'My dad just won big at the gas station slot machine'

    I am very happy to hear,your Father´s Health is getting better.🧡 Ans of course,another awesome Chapter in Chary´s Father´s History.😂
  17. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'Please pray for my dad'

    All the Best for your Dad and your Family and you,my Lady. 💕🐕🐈👍
  18. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'On the run (fiction/story 2)'

    Scary......for today´s actual "Events".....:sad:
  19. Alexander1970

    Comment by 'Alexander1970' in 'On the run (fiction/story 2)'

    Thank you for continuing,Sinchen.^_^ I love that Style and for me,I have my own Opinion about the Plot.But as I fear,I no longer have no "Lobby" for my Thoughts and Opinions about such Topics..... (You are free to delete this Comment,my dear Sinchen).
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