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  1. pcgeek52

    Hacking PS4 4.05 Consoles at Walmart

    Thought I'd share this, Walmart still has infinite warfare bundles (not the white bundles), these bundles are below 4.05 for 279.99 + tax USD (Cheaper than amazon). Here is the link, go here and insert your zip
  2. pcgeek52

    Hardware PS3 Slim Green light no video reset not working

    I have a ps3 slim and it will come on and stay on but no video and I have tried different hard drives and going into the mode where you can install a new hdd but when I press the button the second time it just turns off again. Is this related to the YLOD even though the console light stays green?
  3. pcgeek52

    Hardware Xbox HDMI model question

    I had a 60GB unopened console and I got the rrod and this console which i know had never been opened and tampered with as I purchased it had no torq screws on the bottom but little red arrows pointing to where they should have been. I have opened a non-hdmi360 but not an hdmi console are there...
  4. pcgeek52

    Hardware 3DS Repair Question

    For those of you who have had your 3ds repaired, I was wondering how long it took after the repair was finished to receive your console back. I noticed the label was created 2/22 but the 3ds has yet to be received by the UPS facility. Also is it normal after I pay for the repair for the charge...
  5. pcgeek52

    Gaming DSI "An error has occurred"

    My blue DSi which has never been used with a flashcart starts up with the message "a error has occurred" and tells me to turn off the console. I have read and seen that this is sometimes an issue with the R4i in this situation I don't know what happened but I can't even get to the health screen.
  6. pcgeek52

    Hardware 3DS Supercard DSTwo Error

    I had to send my 3ds in for repair, nintendo sent me another one but it's fully upgraded to the latest firmware and now my Supercard DStwo is giving me "an error has occurred" I've tried wiping the sd card and putting the files from the supercard site back on, and have also tried following...
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