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    Homebrew GBA VC Inject issue for 3DS

    Hey guys theres a issue with injecting a Pokemon Clover save into the 3DS Virtual Inject that I made. When I go to inject the save that I've been using from my PS Vita it says that it failed to inject save. Can anyone help?
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    Homebrew Can the Wii U dump Gamecube games

    Hey everyone! I wanted to dump the gamecube games that I have because the amount of scratches they have. I don't own a wii but I assume that the Wii U could dump gamecube games right? If it can't what's a good cd drive to buy to dump the copies.
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    Homebrew If I were to homebrew my 3DS would I get banned on my switch account?

    Hey everyone! If I were to homebrew my 3ds that i recently delinked from my switch account, would I get banned on my switch or is it only for the 3ds that i homebrewed?
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    Homebrew Seperating the Legal and Illegal stuff of homebrewing a 3DS?

    Hey everyone! I accidently placed this question in the Switch Forums. I apologize if this is duplicating posts. If I were to homebrew my 3DS without pirating games, is that legal or no? I was thinking of homebrewing an old 3DS for custom themes and being able to play Japanese games with fan...
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    ROM Hack Digimon story super xros red and blue translation plz!!!

    To any pro hacker or good at translating Japansese text Plz try Digimon story super xros red and blue for the ds Links about Digimon
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