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    Hacking A method to load fw.img or mocha CFW without gamepad?

    Is there a method to load fw.img or mocha CFW without gamepad? Haxchi requires a gamepad. Homebrew Launcher UI is through the gamepad only. A web browser exploit to invoke Mocha CFW or CFW booter (fw.img) would be good. UPDATED! Here is a working solution care of the multiple submissions...
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    Homebrew Cloud Saves

    I'm thinking about creating an app for 3DS to provide ability to push and pull your game saves to a cloud service (such as Google Drive). Is it worth my effort (would it be something people worth my time implementing) or is it a waste of time?
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    Hacking All I want for Christmas....

    All I want for Christmas is a way to read from a USB FAT32 HD to install games FROM. I was extra nice this year and USB support in Loader GX2 would be nice as well :)
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    Hacking Question about wup installer mod y to USB

    I was wondering that when installing to USB with "wup installer mod y", if it modifies the SYSNAND or REDNAND in anyway? I normally use REDNAND, but I want to store games on a SD card for installing on a different SD card then the one that stores my REDNAND. I was planning on not booting into...
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    Hardware Bad N3DS XL U console (analog stick) ?

    I only started playing games on my US N3DS XL for the first time yesterday. The analog stick felt a bit different compared to the O3DS, O3DS XL and 2DS. After trying a JP N3DS LL which feels like O3DS, O3DS XL and 2DS, I can conclude that there is less gap between the analog stick and the...
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