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    3 Month Stan Offer

    Hey Everyone, Not sure if you have to be from AU to use the offer but I now you have to be a new user to Stan (just use a new email address but not sure if you can use an existing credit card associated with another Stan account or not) Visit this link: I am...
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    Hacking RGH Slim 4G Update Failure now E79 Error

    Hey Everyone, I tried updating to the latest dash using this method ( on my jTag and my RGH (Slim 4G Model). It has worked perfectly fine before on both these consoles. I tried my jTag first and it worked...
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    Hacking Adventure Time and the Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Crashing

    Hey Everyone, Sorry if this is in the wrong section :( Adventure Time randomly crashes on the "Loading Time" screen that appears when you go for one screen to the next. By crash I mean it stays there definitely showing loading time with the little dude going around in the bottom right corner...
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    Hacking Cover files in MM File Manager / mmOS

    Hey Everyone, I was missing two covers for my games so I made the covers for the said two games. I then used the MultMan File Manager / mmOS to transfer the files I saved the files to be copied on USB\Covers Using File Manger I opened the PS3 Root\DEV_USB001\Covers folder Selected both...
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    Hacking FSD 3 rev 438 not showing an update exists

    I am having an issue getting FSD3 updater to tell me that here is an update. I have updated before with no issues. I can get title updates, get covers but no new versions of FSD show up. Yes, I have enabled beta updates. I have turned that option off, restarted, turned it on and restarted but...
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    Hacking Gecko - is there a later version

    Hey Everyone, Just wondering if there was an unofficial release of gecko that supports the new Wii motion+ controllers? I know there are other loaders that have updated but for the purposes of not having a fully soft modded Wii gecko was a good alternative at times. I would not have the first...
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    Gaming Custom Games Save Files

    Hey Everyone, I hope I am posting in the correct forum section here.... Also - apologies if this has been covered I have 7 remakes of NSMB. 4 of them create their own save file but 3 of them use my existing PAL save file. 1. I have removed the save file and when a new one gets created by one...
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    Gaming Metroid Other M - System Update?

    I firstly apologise if this is posted somewhere on the forum - I can't find it. I am on official 4.3E and have the retail copy of Metroid: Other M. It plays fine if started via Gecko but via the disc channel it states there is a Wii System Update. Does anyone know what the Wii System update...
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    Gaming Patch SCALEFOR_PSP.PRX with EBOOT.BIN Patcher?

    Hello, I have been trying to learn how to use the decrypting programs. I have successfully used it on a few games but having an issue with Avatar. With a clean iso you get the usual numeric error that means you are on incorrect firmware. I then do the Decrypt and Patch method on the EBOOT.BIN...
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    Gaming This Made me Laugh - 360 on eBay

    Not sure if this should be posted in this section but it is 360 related. It simply made me laugh and is the highest price I have ever seen on any item in eBay.... Not that I have really searched for the highest price of anything....
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    Gaming Killzone Liberation - Error 80020148

    Hello Everyone, I have a PSP Slim and it is on CFW 5.00 M33-6. All games I have played so far have always loaded and worked fine. EG: Resistence: Retribution runs fine. I have attempted to play Killzone Liveration but it comes up wih error code 80020148 for some reason. I have read the forum...
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    Hardware Unable t Eject Disc

    Hello - I am hoping to be pointed in the right direction but I have a Wii that sometimes locks the Disc into the disc drive and I am unable to eject it out nor does the drive initialise properly. The Disc channel does not read it but the Wii menu runs fine. It has happened to me once since I...
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    Homebrew snes9X 4.0.3

    Hello, I have an issue with snes9x detecting my SD Card. I have tried a few different SD Cards but no luck. The Wii detects that cards fine and I can backup data to it no problems through the Wii Menu. I have snes9x loading from a DvD Rom. I am not soft moded in any way. I am on the official...
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    Hacking MySims Racing NTSC / PAL

    Hello, I have read many people use soft mod to play this game but I have a Wii Key v2 and this is the first game of my region that I have had trouble with. I have a PAL Wii with 4.0E update. The Wii detects the game, and even starts the game but gets stuck on the first "Auto Saving" message...
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    Hacking M3 Real 4.3h Available

    hey Everyone, Topic says it all - though I do not know what the changelog is; That is a direct link to the update
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    Hacking Agent Hugo Hula Holiday Region = 'X'?

    Hello Everyone, I have a copy of Agent Hugo Hula Holiday and when I use WiiScrubber it states the Region to be 'X'?. Not sure what this means. Any other game has always come up with PAL or on the odd ocassion NTSC (I try only ever have PAL as I have PAL Wii). I use a WiiKey v2 and am on the...
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    Hacking Lags with InGame Menu and New Game Loads

    Sometimes people have memory cards that just load games slow or have extremely slow in game menu responses - genrally with 4Gb cards. I have come across this problem with several brands of cards: Kingston, Transcend, A-Data and I forget the other brand. Some people with these brands work great...
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    Gaming Tales 2 NTSC on PAL - (I have Searched)

    Please delete this topic
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    Hacking Wii ISO Sizes and Regions

    Hey Everyone, I have read many posts on Wii iso sizes and noticed that there are generally 3 sizes depending on whether it is scrammbled unscrammbled and whether Raw Dump or a different program is used. I use RawDump and ALWAYS get 4,699,979,776. If it's 4 699 979 776 bytes, it's unscrambled...
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    Hacking RTS 2nd and 3rd

    Sorry if this has been asked but the only way I can use the 2nd and 3rd RTS spots is by copying my first one and renaming it to have teh extension .is1 or .is2. If I do not do this I get the meesage "File not Found" when I select the 2nd or 3rd RTS save spot. The first spot works fine. Again...
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