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  1. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Question Sysmodules on Atmosphere 19

    Are they simply nonfunctional until an update comes around? I only use 2 personally, Sys-clk and Emuiibo. If I try to launch them from the menu, it says the sysmodule is not running. If I try to toggle on the sysmodule from inside Tesla, it won't toggle. I can't set them to autostart either...
  2. BlackwingAngelx

    Homebrew Question Is there a "shop" for emulation?

    Ok, I'm looking for something like HBG, but for roms. I recently hacked a friend's Switch and I want to set up Retroarch for him. Problem is..he doesnt have a PC. I set up Tinfoil and HBG for him so he can direct download games, but they don't do emulation on there. Is there an alternative or is...
  3. BlackwingAngelx

    Is the RCMLoader Dongle purchasable from US?

    I'm currently in the process of modding my friend's Switch and he needs a good dongle to stay portable. I picked up my SX Pro ages ago, but there doesn't seem to be any US retailers right now. I was going to pick him up the RCMLoader One, but that seems to only come from China. Are there any...
  4. BlackwingAngelx

    ROM Hack Suggestion LoveR Kiss English Translation?

    Is anyone working on this? Not really the script as it seems to be a daunting task, but more the UI and gameplay aspects of it. It can be navigated using the Google camera translate, but having an ingame option would be welcome.
  5. BlackwingAngelx

    ROM Hack [REQUEST] Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Restoration Patch

    Is anyone working on restoring the censored bits between the EU/US and the JP release? Not that it is anything major in this game, but most people still prefer to play games the way they were intended. It seems like it is just the princess and a group of three genies. Maybe a simple model...
  6. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Question Switch on Airplane, should I take it off?

    I put my Switch in Airplane the day I started using CFW and have never once been off it since CFW went live. I've been doing everything I can to hopefully prevent a ban in the future. I have a clean backup, never connected online, used XCI instead of NSP etc. I was holding out in the hopes that...
  7. BlackwingAngelx

    ROM Hack Question Can you manually add a game to Checkpoint/EdiZon?

    I'm trying to unlock the save file bonuses for DQB2 for having a save from DQB on the console. However, I played that game on Vita and not Switch, so I have no save file. I went and downloaded a 100% save off the forums here and tried to manually insert it with Checkpoint, but it won't show in...
  8. BlackwingAngelx

    Gaming Website that shows the latest version of games?

    Does something like this exist? Just a website that lists all of the available Switch games, the latest update and what firmware it requires? I know you can just search on a per game basis, but I was curious if there was a site I can just bookmark and use as a reference.
  9. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Keeping 5.05 PS4 Activated?

    Hey guys, I'm picking up a new PS4 which I plan to fully update and keep online. I currently have a 5.05 running CFW and its activated with PSN. If I log into my new console and activate that one, will my old one deactivate? I know it normally will, but since I'm on 5.05 and not connected to...
  10. BlackwingAngelx

    Gaming Can you use the same PSN on two different consoles?

    One with 5.05 CFW and one legit specifically. I mean..I know you CAN, but will it cause any problems? My 5.05 is clearly not connected to PSN, but will logging into it on my other console mess anything up? I dont want to risk it. I've just had enough with the wait and I'm buying a new console...
  11. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Question SXOS - Moving updates and DLC to internal memory?

    Is this possible? I have a 128 gig SD and it's basically full. I'm using XCIs from my carts, and it's taking up a ton of space. I know I can save space using NSPs, but I'd rather play it safe and go with the XCIs. Anyways, all of my updates and DLC were defaulted to the SD card when I installed...
  12. BlackwingAngelx

    Hardware Right Joycon doesn't charge properly anymore.

    Is this an issue when using jigs? It randomly happened overnight. No additional software installed, no damage, it just started last night. I had the Switch docked with both joycons in and only the left one charged.
  13. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Question About to start up SX OS for the first time, question.

    I've been running OFW and Hekate for a long time and am just starting to set up CFW now after weighing my ban options. I'm fully updated to the latest OFW, I have my NAND and keys all backed up. So my question is, what's the deal with EmuNAND now? I see a lot of talk about it. Should I just...
  14. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Question A few quick questions

    So I've been away from the scene for a bit, I'm still sitting on 5.0.1 I think? Something like that. I was using a jig to access homebrew and such, but no actual CFW. Coming back and reading up on it, it seems like there are a bunch of different CFWs to use now. I have a few questions before I...
  15. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Haven't used PS4 in months, CFW is..broken?

    I have no idea what is going on. I've been successfully using the hack for 5.05 since it was released. I stopped playing my PS4 for a few months and now when I try to launch Mira+HEN, my console either freezes or completely shuts off on me. I'm launching it from the User Guide menu like I always...
  16. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Question How can I run Hecate with SX-OS Dongle?

    I posted a topic a week or so ago asking if it was possible to run JUST Hekate and not touch the SX OS at all using the Dongle. Apparently it is. I simply want a wireless method to boot into RCM without risking a ban. Is there a guide/tutorial on how to do this? I don't want anything SX OS...
  17. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Any downside to upgrading to H-Encore from Enso?

    I just recently saw that you can update to the latest firmware and install H-Encore. I'm still sitting on 3.65 Enso. Is there a reason to update besides accessing some Visual Novel games? Do you lose anything by switching to H-Encore instead of Enso?
  18. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Question Can you use the SX Dongle to run Hecate instead?

    Just the basic Hecate payload that everyone is using. Not the SX OS itself. Honestly, I'm more interested in having a wireless method of getting into RCM and the dongle would fix that. I don't want to use SX OS and get banned yet. At least not until the games I want are in the shop and I can...
  19. BlackwingAngelx

    Gaming Is it possible to "Cross Save" without PSN?

    Between Vita and PS4 for supported games. I have a few games, such as Gundam Breaker 3 and Digimon World: Next Order. Along with a few others. I have played them extensively on Vita, but have recently switched to PS4 instead due to some framerate issues on Vita. These games require you to have a...
  20. BlackwingAngelx

    Hacking Any way to download a legitimately owned PSN game to a jailbroken console?

    I thought I had all of the games I wanted installed before I jailbroke my console, but it seems like I forgot one. I purchased it on PSN not long before using the jailbreak, but I never actually downloaded it. Not enough space unfortunately. So I'm pretty much out of luck right? Or has someone...
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