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    Hacking Someone please help me...

    I have CFW 6.61 PRO-C on my PSP, and I just installed Tempar to use some cheats on my Chrono Cross eboot. But it doesn't work. R-trigger + Home button does nothing, and I've tried every other possible combination. I don't even know if the plugin is working or not. Google searches are driving...
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    Homebrew Rayman 2 won't work on the N64 emulator

    So I got Wii64 and put it on my Wii, and downloaded the Rayman 2 rom for the N64. But when I try playing it, it just display an N64 cartridge in the top right corner of the screen, and instead of the game loading up, I see these weird gameplay demos. Pressing buttons doesn't do anything, and...
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    Hacking Tempar not working

    After not using my PSP for a while I decided to boot it up again and play some Rayman, but Tempar is not working. I'm on CFW 6.60 Pro-C and Tempar is enabled in the plugins menu. Right shoulder button + home button just opens the PS menu during gameplay. Pressing PS twice and then volume up...
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    Hacking So how do I hack my Wii

    Well, I never really wanted to do this, but I figured I might as well try it out. So I'm not really a tech guy, and a complete newbie when it comes to this stuff. What's the best place I can go to to learn how to hack my Wii? What's the easiest way? And also, how big are the chances of...
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Shiny Gold?

    Hello, I was just wondering, was the rom hack Pokemon Shiny Gold ever finished? I'm playing Pokemon Fire Red right now, and if this hack is finished I'd like to play it afterwards. But if not, I'll just stick to Heart Gold.
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    Emulation GBA Auto Trainer Maker

    Hello, I gave this program a shot since I wanted some cheats for Pokemon Fire Red. However, the trainer menu isn't working properly. I've enabled the patches "trainer", "enable / disable", and I've enabled "trainer menu". In the "menu text" field I put "Pokemon Fire Red Trainer". I've...
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    Emulation EZ Flash IV

    Hello, Today I received my EZFlash IV for the GBA SP. I succesfully put the kernel on and updated, blablabla, then sent a game to my miniSD with the client and started it up. However, all my menu's etc are in japanese (or chinese or whatever). I briefly tried some things, but decided against...
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    Hacking Will 3DS roms be widespread available in the near future?

    I want to buy a 3DS XL. At first, I assumed all the games were available on the internet and I could just put them on my Supercard DS Two. After some research however I realized my folly and learned that currently there is no flashcard that can play 3DS roms, and that 3DS roms aren't even widely...
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