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  1. Myke

    Gaming looking for destiny players to raid with, or do anything destiny with.

    hey guys, so here's the scoop. I don't have any gamer friends that actually play the same games I do. I'm really REALLY into destiny. I'm a level 25 titan. I love doing the strike playlist that connects you to random people. BUT I WANT TO RAID! And obviously I can't do it alone. I'm sitting...
  2. Myke

    Gaming Monster hunter 3 ultimate demo tomorrow. OMFGASDLFJASDFASDFLK!!!!!!!

    who's getting it? I can't control my hype mode today. I'm so pissed I have to work tomorrow all day sigh. can anyone tell me if demos get released at midnight? I'm hoping to stay up late tonight to get it so I can play it a bit, and play tomorrow morning before I go to work. can't stop the hype.
  3. Myke

    Hardware monster hunter ultimate 2ds/xl aluminum cases capcom exclusive

    couldn't find anything in the search about this being posted so I'm sorry if it's already been posted on here. Capcom is releasing some pretty sweet looking monster hunter alluminum cases for the 3ds and the XL version. it's a capcom store exclusive. they are currently taking preorders 3dsXL...
  4. Myke

    Hardware other wiiu post about surround sound issues

    I can't find anything about this issue. My receiver does support discrete audio, I get the test surround sounds coming out of my speakers on the Wii u menu, except nothing comes out of the subwoofer. Zombiu surround sounds awesome but again, my subwoofer is silent. I do have it set to being on...
  5. Myke

    My new hobby (image heavy)

    hi Y'all. Most of you probably have no idea who I am but know that I have been here off and on for a veeeery very long time. Mostly in the art section. I just wanted to show you guys my new hobby. Raising and breeding exotic mantids! =) I already have a zoo at home with 14 reptiles 8 amphibians...
  6. Myke

    Mykes's Sketchbook 2.0 {56k warning)

    nothing new here. Just putting my sketchbook back up to try to get drawing more. Nothing new for now, just omitted some rough sketches here and there. I removed my sketchbook previously because I was going to sell all of my drawings to a tattoo flash website who would resell them for me and I...
  7. Myke

    Gaming video card question

    alright hopefully someone might be able to help me. I can't quite find a comparison chart with this. so I have a secondary computer which runs 2 geforce 7600gt's in SLI, and an ATI 4650 happened to fall on my lap after a class action lawsuit fell through pertaining to an old radeon 9800 I...
  8. Myke

    Happy Holidays GBAtemp!

    have a wonderful holiday people.
  9. Myke

    this is appropriate here

    I dont know what it is Somethings wrong with our eyes Were seeing things in a different way And God knows it aint his It sure aint no surprise (ya!) Were livin on the edge Were livin on the edge Were livin on the edge Were livin on the edge Theres someting wrong with the world today The...
  10. Myke

    killzone 2 gbatemp clan. Any takers?

    might be a good idea. not sure about the difference between europe and US, maybe we need two clans who knows. I'm personally not really into the clan ranking and whatnot, it would mostly just be an easier way for us to connect and play together and keep in touch while playing KZ2. would anyone...
  11. Myke

    Mame cabinet FTW!!!

    I just picked these bad boys up for 30 bux. (saved me hundreds of dollars from building them from scratch) they are konami cabinets. all the wiring is still there as well as teh double coin slots!!!! less money for me to have to spend. I have big plans for this cabinet. Designing the control...
  12. Myke

    vamp WIP

    WIP. Quickstudy of something new for my next set of tattoo flash. (slow day today again at work) this is a rough, will post the finished piece when done peace
  13. Myke

    necromancer looking dude

    first piece for my new flash set peace
  14. Myke

    my tattoo machine

    Slow day at work today so I drew my shader machine. Probably won't color it, it was just a quickie peace
  15. Myke

    Some Tattoo Flash by Myke

    well I haven't posted on here in ages. I don't even know if anyone I know is still here (Kyoji, jumpman, etc etc) Anyway these are things that will look completely different if you are used to seeing what I posted here 2 years ago. this is tattoo flash. I'm a tatoo artist now and that's really...
  16. Myke

    Creating with your Pencil.

    if you like to draw but have a hard time developing ideas, here's a quick and easy way to help you with pretty much anything you want to create. all you need is a pencil and some tracing paper and you are set. you can also use this method to draw from photo reference, or for certain parts...
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