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    Hacking Call of Duty : MW3 Updates

    I started playing mw3 on the wii yesterday. If I am correct, there has already been 2 patches. As the game is now, being with no patches, it's almost unplayable. I go to spec ops and it tells me about an update and asks me to launch multiplayer to get it, which I do but there's no prompt in...
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    Hacking COD - MW3

    How do I change to english? I must be missing something because I cant find it anywhere in the options. Thanks in advance.
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    Hardware Recover PS3 Hard Drive Space

    I was wondering if there was anything on the internal drive I could delete to recover some space. After getting quite a few games on there. its starting to get a little crowded! Some games that are on the drive often install data to the drive, does that mean I have it on there twice? Thanks for...
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    Gaming Modern Warfare 2

    Followed Zorua softmod guide and got everything working perfectly, even psn. MW2 installed on external, select x in multiman to get it going. Multiplayer connects fine, when searching for a match, it never finds one and pops that message up after a minute or so. Got black ops, world at war and...
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    Hacking Heavy Rain

    Been reading tons of stories on google about this game, anyone know how to get this game running from internal hdd? I have tried multiman, rogero and gaia with the same black screen result. Any help is appreciated.
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    Hacking Just getting started

    Looking for a good tutorial to install the cfw and set up the ftp so I can transfer backups. Google produces way too many so I thought I would get a trusted one from here. Thanks in advance.
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    Hacking PSP CFW Help

    I have been outta the psp scene for a while so I have no idea whats the latest greatest thing! I have 3 psps, 2 phats and a slim. One of the phats is on 5.50 GenD (Full), the other is 5.50 Prometheus and the slim is 5.50 Gen D3. My question is which one if any is on the newest cfw and where do I...
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    Hacking Error -1029 Installing wads

    This happened all of a sudden. I can usually figure these things out but this one has me stumped/ I am on 4.2U, ciosx rev20 57 base. My wad installer of choice is gui wad manager although I tried MMM and wad manager 1.7. I can install using 1.7 if I use ios 250 but any others give me the -1029...
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    Homebrew DeSmuME Wii Channels?

    I have seen a few on some videos floating around but I can only find a couple. Anyone have some they would like to share??
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    Gaming Original Xbox Backups on 360

    I have an elite 360 with a liteon drive flashed with LT. All of the reading I have done states that it should read original xbox backups. From what I understand, just burn or is there something special that needs to be done? I tried Lego Star Wars 2 which is on the compatible list and it says ...
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    Gaming Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack

    According to the instructions included, a jtagged box isnt required. I have bi idea where to begin and the info isnt very detailed. Heres what it says, any help is appreciated. Use Modio to change the device ID and it should work. NO JTAG NEEDED. Use Xtaf USB Xplorer to transfer it. Inject...
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    Gaming Burn Error

    Get this error with imgburn and dvddecryptor, I know memorex isnt the best but it works for some. Any ideas?
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    Hacking USB Loader GX CheatNR Out of Range

    I posted in the USB Loader GX thread but it kinda got lost in the 855 pages! Anybody know why this pops up in the cheats?
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    Gaming Reliable Xbox 360 Flash Service

    Anybody know where to get the drive flashed for a reasonable price? I have the newer liteon manufactured 11/09 and I didnt wanna attempt it myself so I am looking for someone who has some experience to do it. Any suggestions?
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    Hacking cIOS Question

    I have recently had some issues playing the call of duty games online. It seems when I am playing, i am experiencing some lag like stuttering in my movements. I havent had any trouble for a long time now and nothing has changed. I tried them in usbloader gx with cIOS 222 and it seemed to clear...
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    Hacking Disc light flashes twice before health screen

    Ok we recently got another wii that's on 4.2u. I have softmodded it with all the usual, bootmii is boot2 and priiloader. The sd card I used to mod it was a 4 gig sandisk. I decided to use it in my other wii and use the old 2 gig pny from the other one in the 4.2. I formatted it with the sd...
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    Gaming Questions about iPrep and Firmtool

    When I tryo to load the firmware into iprep it says No Valid Firmware Loaded. I have tried a few different firmwares. And would anyone know if theres a 64bit version of firmtool? I think I am confused before I start! lol
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    Misc Wii update after successful wifi test

    Is this safe and what exactly is it updating? Thanks in advance!
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    Gaming Where to find an updated flashing tutorial?

    Can anybody point me to an updated tutorial on flashing my xbox360 drive? Been searching but cant come up with a recent one. Thanks!
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    Hacking From 4.1U to 4.2U

    I have a 4.1U with cIOScorp 3.6 installed and I was wondering if it was safe to install the 4.2 system menu .wad without messing up any of my softmodding. IOS 70 was already installed via cIOScorp and I have all the latest ios. What exactly will the stystem menu.wad overwrite?
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