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    Hacking NUT USB Game Transfer - Failed to Send USB Packet!

    I'm always getting this error message. Tried to unpack NUT into a fresh directory and it worked one time and I got this error again "Failed to Send USB Packet!" Tried to Close and Reopen Tinfoil & Nut, and Disconenct & Reconnect the Switch to the USB Port on the Laptop. Used the Forum Search and...
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    Homebrew Want to gift my Wii U with CFW to a relative - Can I delete my user account?

    Hi, I have a Wii U with 5.5.1 E with Haxchi Coldboot. If I wanted to donate my console to a relative and want to remove my nintendo account from the console for obvious reasons, would the console brick and would I have to remove CFW and have to rebuy a DS game from the eShop? Sorry if this...
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    Hacking Easiest way to extract a game in WUP format?

    What is the easiest way to extract a game in WUP (to use with loadiine)? All the tools in this thread seem to only extract WUD But i deleted my WUD after converting to WUP (Brazilian Format) for space...
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    Homebrew How to get a Game Update on CBHC that is not available in WiiUSBHelper

    Hi. i am on 5.5.1 cbhc and use the custom dns to block updates so at first i dumped and played the uk pal version of call of duty black ops 2 on my wii u and downloaded the latest update using wii u usb helper and was able to play online and stuff. now i deleted the game and dumped &...
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    Hacking Help needed to understand Wii U CFW Installing Guide / Why Do I need to buy a DS Game?

    hi, i bought a used wii u and want to install the latest and greatest custom firmware on it. i am reading a couple of guides since a week and trying to get my grasp on this stuff. recommends here on gbatemp i found out kafluke noob guide is recommended...
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    Hacking Warning: Breath of the Wild with 3.0.1 Update

    so on black friday i bought legend of zelda breath of the wild on sale. my mario odyssey switch was on 3.0.0. today i inserted the game in my switch console and it said i needed to update my console software in order to play it. i thought wtf this is a 1.0.0 game. i agreed and after a reboot i...
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    Homebrew Question Homebrew Software for running Retail Cartridges but no Piracy on 3.0.0

    So, I bought Mario Odyssey and many other games that need a higher firmware than 300. But I was thinking about the development of a homebrew software that lets us play all games on 3.0.0 BUT only from legit retail cartridges. Zero support for piracy / backups. That would be awesome for us who...
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    Gaming Super Bomberman R Game Update Files

    Hi, i own a switch since mario odyssey is released. my console is on fw 3.0.0 and i want it to stay like that. now i want to buy & play super bomberman r. it got a 60fps patch, but since you cant access the eshop and download updates with old fw, is it possible to download the update files...
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