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    Hacking Question Hekate black screen with Android on Switch

    I have a customer I'm trying to install Android on the Switch. I've never had this issue before, however my Atmosphere CFW works fine. Unfortunately when I boot Hekate with the android image on it, it black screens and doesn't even load. I'm running out of time for this customer and am in...
  2. homework

    Homebrew Question Red battery icon when booting payload

    So I recently sold my Switch which had Hekate/Atmosphere. The guy said he couldn't get it to turn on. So he brought it over and I booted it up but there was a battery indicator when trying to launch Hekate which was in the top left. I assumed it just means the console needs to charge more. Is...
  3. homework

    Hacking Question How to check what CFW a Switch has on it?

    Edit: I'm dumb I forgot I could just check the SD card.
  4. homework

    Gaming Crashing with Shaders on MC Bedrock Edition

    I've been trying to use Shaders on my Switch from MCPE Shaders. I'm doing the same method that you would to add add-ons ( through Checkpoint ). Unfortunately every time I enable them in Global Resources, my switch works for 3 seconds and the 'software was closed because an error occurred'. Does...
  5. homework

    Gaming How many addons can you have up to on MC Bed Rock Edition?

    Never mind, fixed this. It just takes a little longer to load up when you have lots of addons.
  6. homework

    Hardware Error 2123-0011

    So for some reason when I try to do the following so far it gives me error code 2123-0011: - Access eShop - Try to delete a user - Link a Nintendo account. Any ideas?
  7. homework

    Homebrew Question Edizon crashes switch when searching value

    Recently I got back into Switch modding and I never have had this issue before. I went to enter the search value for the memory editor on Edizon, and when I tried to open the input for the value entry it crashes my switch everytime. Has anyone else experienced this? How do I fix it?
  8. homework

    Homebrew Question Is there ANY way to play online with pirated games?

    -snip- Question was answered.
  9. homework

    Homebrew Question How to use cheats on games?

    I have a ton of cheats in /atmosphere/titles But I don’t know how to use them. I checked the title ID for Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and it’s the same one in my files and I have cheat files in there. But when I loaded up Edizon while using the game, there’s no cheats when I pressed Y. Am I doing...
  10. homework

    Homebrew Question Edizon crashes when updating on Atmosphere

    I’m on the latest version of atmosphere, and I’m using the latest version of edizon (3.0.1). Every time I go into the app and select the minus button to update the configs in Edizon, my CFW crashes and shows the atmosphere crash screen. Any ideas? I’ve tried removing the edizon directory and...
  11. homework

    Hacking Question Installed HBmenu as an .NSP... and now this...

    I found a thread that included a LEGAL NSP for the hbmenu.nsp. I installed it with Tinfoil and now it just shows as a white icon with a loading circle on the menu. And when I try to launch it, it "checks software details" and gives me an error. Any ideas? Also how do I delete it? I can't delete...
  12. homework

    Hacking Question Is it possible to downgrade 8.1.0 to 4.1.0?

    I'm wanting to use an auto payload so I don't have to use my PC all the time. Apparently if you're on 4.1.0 you can do this. Anyone know?
  13. homework

    Hacking Question Can I connect my switch to wifi with CFW?

    I’m new to Switch nodding however I had hacked my 3DS a while ago. I tomorrow I will be getting my RCM Jig so I can hack my switch. I checked the serial number and it’s safe. However I have been looking at posts about connecting to wifi. Will I no longer have access to the e-store to update my...
  14. homework

    Late Introduction

    I believe I never made an introduction, meanwhile I have like 170 posts of just help topics haha! So this is my introduction I am giving you all. A little background behind me is that I'm not EXTREMELY good with working around Nintendo products. I bet if I gave it a bit more time for experience...
  15. homework

    Gaming What is with Pokemon Sun/Moon?

    Okay, so you guys know how there's online battles you can do and they now have options to allow special Pokemon? Well I selected that option. And the result I got wasn't satisfying. It told me something along the lines about having one or more non-allowed usable Pokemon. Wouldn't selecting...
  16. homework

    Hacking [QUESTION] Does 3D work on .CIA games?

    - Solved like the snap of a finger! Answer:
  17. homework

    Hacking Getting frustrated with trying to move EmuNAND to a bigger SD card

    Edit: Solved Resolution:
  18. homework

    Hardware Can't use this MicroSD card?

    I copied over the contents of my current MicroSD card to my new 64GB one I just bought, it has ReiNAND on it. And now when I put the new MicroSD card in, it doesn't read it on the New 3DS. It just loads it to the main 3DS menu giving a message saying it couldn't detect a MicroSD card. The...
  19. homework

    Hacking Corrupted the data on Pokemon Moon

    I accidentally hit the power button while it was installing additional data like the game does on the start up and now it's corrupted on my Gateway. How would I go about fixing this issue? I tried pressing Dpad up + B + X, but it freezes after 10 seconds of doing that. Any ideas? Sorry and thanks.
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