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  1. anthonyplep

    PS1/2 Getting raw PS1 saves from a real PS1 to work in ePSXe?

    Anyone who's savvy enough with this able to help me? No matter what I do, ePSXe205 is not reading the saves to my games. These games are dumped from my retail discs, and the memory card saves are dumped from my actual PS1 memory cards using uLaunchELF on my PS2. Here is my process so far...
  2. anthonyplep

    Hacking Switch not booting after rebooting from homebrew, help me troubleshoot?

    SOLVED Today I got my SX Pro. I installed SX OS and AutoRCM without ease. Games had worked perfectly fine, and everything was good. I switched my focus over to homebrew and downloaded the Switch Appstore. Again, downloading a couple apps and everything seemed to be doing well. I opened up...
  3. anthonyplep

    Hacking Very confused about something that happened during Soundhax installation

    Currently modding a family member's O3DS XL on 10.7.0-32U. Referring to the 3DS guide site, they instructed me to use Soundhax, so I did. I got to the point where I ran udsploit.3dsx and then safehax.3dsx after that. SafeB9SInstaller was supposed to launch after the installation of Safehax...
  4. anthonyplep

    Hacking New to Wii U hacking, looking for any recommended portable hard drives

    First, if in wrong section please let me know I'm a decently experienced modder at this point. I've modded tons of PS2s, PSPs, a few PS3s, tons of Wiis, tons of 3DS, you name it Yesterday I dived into the world of Wii U modding and set my 5.5.1 Wii U to coldboot into haxchi/Mocha CFW, which...
  5. anthonyplep

    Gaming StreetPass Plaza Issue - No Music

    After I got banned on my old N3DSXL, my StreetPass Plaza had an issue where no music would play in the plaza. The StreePass games themselves had their music, but not the lobby or anything else. When I got banned I used a modified Luma to let me link a new NNID to my console. Doing this wiped...
  6. anthonyplep

    Gaming Pokemon Moon - Did I already catch a shiny?

    Only an hour or so into the game. I was just about to go to Professor Kukui's laboratory when I decided to roam the area first. I encounter a wild Pokemon (Slowpoke) and noticed a star appear out of him. My instinct tells me that it's a shiny Slowpoke? I opened the game in HANS to take a few...
  7. anthonyplep

    Hardware Amiiqo/N2 Elite vs NaMiiO? Interested in getting one...

    Sorry if wrong section. I figured this would fall under being an accessory Which one is better? Does the Amiiqo come with the USB reader? Can you store multiple Amiibos on the NaMiiO like you can the Amiiqo? Basically what I'm looking for is the simplest solution, capable of storing tons of...
  8. anthonyplep

    ROM Hacking Super Mario Bros. 3 Title Screen?

    I have a very basic request, that I can't seem to get help from with Google... and if I'm not searching hard enough then oops All I want to do is edit the Title Screen in Mario 3 on NES. I just want to change "Super Mario Bros. 3" into a phrase of my choice. I'm not exactly well-versed in...
  9. anthonyplep

    Hacking Change way BootMii opens?

    I just finished modding my friend's Wii for his family. I installed BootMii to Boot2, but is there anyway I can have it so the Wii just turns on to the System Menu? I want to streamline the experience for his family by making it as east to understand as possible Could I uninstall it from...
  10. anthonyplep

    Hardware One portable hard drive works, other doesn't

    I wasn't sure whether or not to put this in here or in the Backup Loaders section, so I apologize I'm in the process right now of modding my older brother's Wii, and I installed every wad and such that I needed and went to test some games on it I launch WiiFlow, choose a game, and it doesnt...
  11. anthonyplep

    Hardware Fix/clean dusty screen?

    Back in November I had been wanting an SP so I had bought a custom one on eBay. The paint job was not so good and the thing felt too light and the buttons not so responsive, but I overcame those issues and now it feels fine and plays fine, and the paint job was fine after breaking it in...
  12. anthonyplep

    hi, everyone

    I've been browsing this site for at least a month now, and I thought I might as well as register. So yeah... Hi everyone I'll try and contribute some to this community the best I can
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