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  1. reinzhart

    Hacking VitaCheat/FinalCheat Database

    would like to try that out if you can share it.
  2. reinzhart

    Hacking VitaCheat/FinalCheat Database

    any code for kancolle with patch? thank you.
  3. reinzhart

    Hacking VitaCheat/FinalCheat Database

    i try to found the health but i only found fake one that show on screen not the actual one after many try still not found one. so my guess it's hard to find and i only found the moded game files for those but i cannot access it cause it VIP only on other forum. wow nice will gladly wait for...
  4. reinzhart

    Hacking VitaCheat/FinalCheat Database

    any gundam breaker 3 cheat right now? need some health code
  5. reinzhart

    Hacking Ragnarok Odyssey Ace goHANmem

    i convert Gorre code to the Asian version, so if anybody want it i can share it later.
  6. reinzhart

    Hacking VitaCheat/FinalCheat Database

    just back to my vita again recently and try this vitacheat but i had problem, i can see the plugin works but it's shown just 1 second and back shown the game again(like invisible and shown the plugin for 1 sec)and if i press down d pad it move the selection on the plugin but it's shown only 1...
  7. reinzhart

    Hacking Gohanmem 3.0 english?

    it's already has english you just need to select it
  8. reinzhart

    Hacking Offline Installer not working after updating VitaShell

    when you install the exploit from offline installer it need some file from internet. just do as i say cause i had that problem too;) edited:don't forget update to R7 too
  9. reinzhart

    Hacking Offline Installer not working after updating VitaShell

    first uninstall offline installer cleanly, then turn on wifi install again offline installer.
  10. reinzhart

    Hacking Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity - English Translation

    Thanks for keep in touch in this thread, if i'm not mistaken i heard in the past that the windows size was already modified to become more wider/larger right? This project and Nova will be the best gift from fans to fans of the series when it finished.
  11. reinzhart

    Hacking (Warning)Vita Vpks that Brick your vita are surfacing online! (Warning)

    So people write the file to mess/trolls people device?I though it was bug. I forgot sometimes people can get nasty.
  12. reinzhart

    Hacking Phantasy Star Nova Translation [We need your help!]

    Yeah i mean content wise. I had used Capture2Text for capturing text(image of text)for old game before and it's was pretty accurate and light program, it might be slightly better than you already had and hope this will help a little bit. Thank you.
  13. reinzhart

    Hacking Phantasy Star Nova Translation [We need your help!]

    I see, so it's not just bring the old PC translation but it had something new to be translated if i get it right. By the way thanks for the reply/confirmation, I'm really exited with this project it's going to be.
  14. reinzhart

    Hacking Phantasy Star Nova Translation [We need your help!]

    That was pretty fast progress, so the script was nearly 100% identical with PC counterpart?
  15. reinzhart

    Hacking God Eater 2 Translation (Looking for translators!)

    Would you mind sharing your Procie and Graphic card spec? And it is good enough reason to double dip for PC version if i had it already on psp and vita? Thank you
  16. reinzhart

    Gaming Lord of Apocalypse - Getting a translation team together.

    First sorry to bump and if i my post are wrong/violating the rules please remove it Moderator. I recently visit the fanmade translation page but it was down and i had the backup off it if somebody want it just PM me, Credit was for the original creator and Please if you want make it online site...
  17. reinzhart

    Hacking Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment [PSP]

    If i can give you suggestion, if you want more general people to help you out in matter of save point i think you should release partial patch at least for fully translated UI,item,skill and general bubble text for character and npc that important, people might want to help but can't played it...
  18. reinzhart

    Translation SD Gundam G Generation Overworld english translation

    It will had better optimization but i think not in near future(still drooling for N3DSXL mohun edition:gun:). FYI maybe you didn't know there are i think pretty good kickstart(i hope it deliver what they invission it)mecha game called dual gear for pc and it had demo on steam for first...
  19. reinzhart

    Hacking Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment [PSP]

    I hate to be that guy but it will be easier to buy vita version. But if you want to do it just for fun you can do it first by read all the page here especially the first 40 pages it had good amount of information you need. For reference translating the game you can read two blogspot, one for...
  20. reinzhart

    Hacking Super Robot Wars A Portable getting translated

    Sorry if that confusing, what i mean is when PS4 price drop down in our currency to a level 3.5-4 "juta" then i will consider to buy it. I thought you already bought it, and 350 bucks seems reasonable price but our exchange rate was pretty bad now. Hopefully more Bandai product especially mecha...
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