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  1. doughmay

    Gaming Sudoku not installing?

    Hullo! So I was able to downgrade my DSi Sys to 1.4U, and I've been using the ugopwn exploit, to get into twlnf. I got the sudoku dsiware, and attempted an injection with the title.tmd. No red flags on twnlf all files and tickets were verified and installed, However, upon re-entry of the system...
  2. doughmay

    PS1/2 PS2 Slim Disc Read issue

    Hey! So I bet this is common for PS2 Slim, anyway. Every Time I insert a Disc into my system, when going to read the disc, it grinds when attempting to read and then fails to read, however when closing the lid, and opening it, I notice the laser can still move back and forth without a disc, but...
  3. doughmay

    Guess I should say Hi

    Ok! Hello GBATemp community, I am Doughmay, I joined the community in January of this year, mostly to install CFW on my 3DS as the 11.2 A9LH craze was still on so I decided to join! You might have seen my around mostly in the 3DS side. I live in Colorado in the United States, as of late. So...
  4. doughmay

    Hardware Xbox 360 struggling to read discs

    Hi I have a fat Xbox from 2006 and nothing has been replaced and it's completely stock. Anyway the disc drive will not open when there's not a disc inside, but when you put a disc in there it spins then it stops and I have to open and close the drive, but usually this fixes the problem, but now...
  5. doughmay

    Hacking What is NTR and bootNTR and why should I use it?

    Hey! So I have been looking into things recently and in the first days of the 11.3 update I heard many mentions of BootNTR not working and I asked myself, "What is NTR and boot NTR", so I'm interested, but I don't know what it is. Can someone clarify what exactly NTR and bootNTR is?
  6. doughmay

    Hacking Freeshop Download issues?

    Hey! So! I'm trying to download a game on freeshop 300mbs, but my download speeds are 8kbs, and then the connection stops and attempts to retry and then it suspends and it loops. Usually I have no problem with freeshop, but lately it's been very slow. So, is it the connection or another...
  7. doughmay

    Hardware O3DS larger Sd capacity support

    Hey! So I have small 8gb sd card in my 3ds and I was wondering how I could enable my 3ds to use a larger capacity 64gb card, as I want to download many of my digital titles that I have, I had to get rid of alot of them for Pokemon Moon. Does anyone know how to do this?
  8. doughmay

    Hacking What is gateway? And what was it meant for)

    Hey! So I'm kind of new to the 3DS hacking scene and I came across a thread about gateway. I know it's a flashcart but I want to know what's special about it, and why it's not very popular anymore.. Sent from my C6725 using Tapatalk
  9. doughmay

    Hacking Updating A9LH+Luma3DS

    Hey! So I have Luma3DS and A9L working, and I've got everything working. My question is how would I go about updating Luma3DS with A9LH... I have Luma updater on my 2DS so what factors do I have to consider when updating to new cfw firmwares? Luma3DS 6.6 arm9loaderhax A9LH 11.2.0-35U Nintendo...
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