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  1. goncalodoom

    Hacking M3i Zero & M3/G6 DS Real TouchPod 4.9 M73 UPDATE
  2. goncalodoom

    Hacking White screen when booting NDSSFC,ireader,GBA Emulator,iplayer

    i get a white screen whenever i try to run anything on my DSTWO except for the DS_GAME,i tried formatting but nothing works,i even tried 3 different microSD cards and on 3 different DS's but no luck,i even opened my DSTWO and cleaned it,but still got the white screen...
  3. goncalodoom

    Hacking NDSSFC 1.05

    this emulator sucks so bad.i hate when it freezes when i use the touch screen,or when i use the save states and it freezes,this needs an update as soon as possible,many games are unplayable and lag all the way,its been 2 months whithout a single update...
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