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  1. JustChillin1414

    Comment by 'JustChillin1414' in 'graduation!'

    Congrats, I'm also graduating today. I'm pretty stoked.
  2. JustChillin1414

    Comment by 'JustChillin1414' in 'Just pre-ordered my PSV!'

    NEVER EVER trade in games. If you sell them yourself on eBay you would have got much more for them. Example: I took my GameBoy SP to EBGames and they offered me $15, I was like no GTFO and sold it on eBay for $50. That was the reason I started using eBay.
  3. JustChillin1414


    So, I'm not too happy with myself. I had my road test on Tuesday and I failed. I turned left in front of someone who was going straight, thought I had enough time but the instructor didn't think so. Although I totally annihilated parallel parking and the rest of it. It sucks so much.. I have to...
  4. JustChillin1414

    Comment by 'JustChillin1414' in 'what i've been thinking lately'

    I started with a Gameboy Colour - the translucent purple one and Pokemon Yellow :D that's what originally got me into video games. My great grandparents also had an NES which I think is still around somewhere.
  5. JustChillin1414

    Comment by 'JustChillin1414' in 'Hai'

    Hey guys, I see you both around quite frequently when I'm lurking :ph34r: lol Gotta love Canada. I just noticed.. you both joined after me.. I'm your elder, respect it.. muhaha ;)
  6. JustChillin1414


    Hey guys, I'm here to (re)introduce myself. I have been dormant for awhile but I've been active/lurking for about 6 months. I used to go by Wilabob, maybe some people will remember that name :D now about me: I'm graduating next year and I live in a small town in BC, Canada. After graduation I'm...
  7. JustChillin1414

    Comment by 'JustChillin1414' in 'Heterosexual privilege and other gender/sexuality issues...'

    Okay, so this is what I think is the cause, I don't think you can choose to be gay: 1. It's Mother Nature's population control: I believe this is very possible, I have thought of it like this many times. 2. It's mental/hormonal: This is kinda related to number 1, but this is what I think is...
  8. JustChillin1414

    Comment by 'JustChillin1414' in 'My dog, Pika just passed away today...'

    Wow.... Anyway, sorry about your dog. I know when I lost my 14 year old cocker it was pretty hard.
  9. JustChillin1414

    Comment by 'JustChillin1414' in 'I hate my notebook'

    Here's my suggestion, GET A MAC or run Linux. Unix is miles better than windows.
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