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  1. delta7890

    GBAtemp V8 / tempStyle 3.2 feedback thread - post bugs or feedback here

    For items in the Downloads section, those with attached images have those images duplicated as clickable thumbnails at the bottom of the item's page. Seems redundant, and is rather unattractive looking imo.
  2. delta7890

    Rez Infinite Save File 2021-09-20

    Complete save file! All game modes and extras unlocked. Enjoy!
  3. delta7890

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2013) Save File 2021-09-20

    Complete save file! The game has been cleared with all four character options, with all seven Chaos Emeralds obtained. Enjoy!
  4. delta7890

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2013) Save File 2021-09-20

    Complete save file! The game has been cleared with all four playable character options with all six Chaos Emeralds collected. Enjoy!
  5. delta7890

    Sonic CD (2011) Save File 2021-09-20

    Complete save file! Sonic CD has been completed as Sonic and Tails, both with and without all seven Time Stones collected. Enjoy!
  6. delta7890

    Pop'n Tanks! (JP) 2021-09-13

    Special hacked save file! Included is save data for Pop'n Tanks!' "Tank World" mode. All eight playable tanks have their own file, with all parts unlocked and 200 wins earned to achieve max rank. Further, four additional battle arenas may be selected in Tank World or Custom Battle mode...
  7. delta7890

    Jet Moto 2: Championship Edition (Greatest Hits) (US) 2021-09-12

    Complete game save! All trophies/awards won, all tracks available, Insane difficulty unlocked, Enigma unlocked. Please note this save file is intended for Jet Moto 2: Championship Edition (the Greatest Hits release of Jet Moto 2). This save file may not be compatible with the original version...
  8. delta7890

    Donkey Kong Land: New Colors Mode (US, GBC) 2021-09-03

    This is a game save file for Donkey Kong Land: New Colors Mode, a Game Boy Color-enhanced romhack of Donkey Kong Land by Specialagentape. The game has been cleared and all bonus barrels have been found. This file is not compatible with the original, monochrome version of Donkey Kong Land. You...
  9. delta7890

    Sonic Wings Special (JP) 2021-08-25

    A simple game save with all playable fighters unlocked.
  10. delta7890

    Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou 2 (JP, raw save format) 2021-08-23

    Complete save file! All challenges cleared and all bedroom games cleared. All t-shirt designs and "power on" voice clips unlocked (via cheats), as well as the Sound Test. All three heroes in Guadia Quest Saga have been maxed out to level 50 with the best equipment and Guadias in the game (and...
  11. delta7890

    Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader (US) 2021-08-22

    Complete game save! All Gold Medals acquired, all craft unlocked, all upgrades obtained, and all secrets unlocked.
  12. delta7890

    Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (US, v1.2) 2021-08-19

    Special hacked save file! Game has been cleared on all four difficulties, with all Challenge Points obtained. Each save slot features 100 lives and 200 ammo for all special weapons for all but the game's first level. Each save slot is given the name "_Wampa__Stompa" to allow for the use of the...
  13. delta7890

    Bomberman 64 (US) 2021-08-17

    File 1: Hard Mode, game cleared with all Gold Cards and Costume Pieces obtained. Custom Bomber: Sol, wearing all Gold costume pieces. File 2: Normal Mode, game cleared with all Gold Cards and Costume Pieces obtained (except for the Gold costume, which cannot be collected in Normal Mode). Custom...
  14. delta7890

    Aero Fighters Assault (US) 2021-08-17

    This is the best save file possible for Aero Fighters Assault! Both Mao Mao and Spanky the dolphin are unlocked for use. In addition, the game has been completed up to the fourth bonus stage, the game's true final stage, to allow for the use of all playable enemy fighters in Deathmatch mode...
  15. delta7890

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2.9 Save Files 2021-08-15

    100% complete save files! Collection includes save files for all currently available (as of v2.2.9) character choices with all stages cleared, all emblems obtained, all seven Chaos Emeralds obtained, and 99 lives for the whole gang. Simply unzip the contents of this archive into your Sonic...
  16. delta7890

    Mobile Suit Gundam F91: Formula Wars 0122 2021-08-11

    Game saved at Act 12, the final stage of the game. The F90 A-Type and D-Type mission packs both have all weapons unlocked for use. Good luck, pilot! Note: best played with the English fan-translation by Twilight Translations found here:
  17. delta7890

    Sonic 3 Complete 2021-08-10

    Perfect save file! Sonic 3 Complete as well as Sonic 3 (Part One) have completed save slots for all character choices, both with and without Chaos/Super Emeralds collected. All save slots for Sonic 3 Complete have 99 lives and continues.
  18. delta7890

    Space Station Silicon Valley (US) 2021-07-12

    100% complete save! All Power Cells and Trophies obtained (including the infamously bugged trophy in Fat Bear Mountain)! This would not have been possible without the excellent Bug Fixes patch by Ozidual found here: This save data will work for both the...
  19. delta7890

    Godzilla (US, Turbographx CD) 2021-04-19

    A simple game save file with all monsters unlocked to fight in the secret "face any monster" menu for the 1 player Normal Game mode. Further, all monsters are also unlocked for the game's 2 player VS Game mode. Note that neither of Biollante's forms are available in VS Game.
  20. delta7890

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Lost War Chronicles (JP) 2021-03-16

    100% complete save! All missions completed and S-ranked, all mobile suits unlocked, all animated cutscenes unlocked. Enjoy!
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