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  1. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Cannonball Wii (standalone port) - Edit Controls

    Is there a way to change the gearshift button to a less awkward button when you are using a Gamecube controller? The default mapping where shift is set to Z is an unwieldy default choice (rear-end a truck? quick! move your thumb all the way from a comfortable resting place on the big green...
  2. TheManHimself

    Homebrew GBA Emulator with real-time clock support

    I am trying to get the Pokemon hack Radical Red to run on Wii, but I haven't been able to get the real-time clock to work. I have the newest releases of standalone mGba and VBAGX, as well as the core versions for both in Retroarch. Is there a GBA emulator on the system that supports real-time...
  3. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Analog Deadzone in QRevPak

    Is there a way to adjust the analog dead zone in QRevPak? I don't see any options in the quake interface itself, nor anything that seems to work in the .ini file. What seems to be a negligible (meaning the most minute pressure adjustment counters it) amount of joystick drift on my classic...
  4. TheManHimself

    Hacking Final-HE unable to connect to PSTV

    My PSTV is running at version 3.73, and I have the latest release of Final H-Encore. When I go to content manager, the Vita detects my computer, but whenever I try to register the device it gives me the error "The network connection has been lost." Didn't think I would hit a wall so early into...
  5. TheManHimself

    Hacking Rebuilding SD Card for an already Brewed DS. Stack Error when setting up Homebrew Launcher

    A few months back my CFW 3DS's SD card failed and I didn't have a full backup of the card made up, So I'm stuck with having to rebuild my card from scratch. Luma and GM9 are already installed on the 3DS, and launch when I press their respective hotkey on boot, so using the I went ahead...
  6. TheManHimself

    Mario Golf 64: Casual GBATemp GolfNight Shodown.

    I have had this singular, unadulterated passion for Mario Golf 64 for the better part of my life. It's been at the center of more than one friendship, the cause of many a blackout drunk night in college, and sparked many months-long picture message score card rivalries. Anyway, I figured it...
  7. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Multiple instances of Retroarch on an SD card

    So for context, I share an SD card between both my cracked Wii and Wii U (The WiiU is basically there so i don't have to lug a CRT with me, or change my resolution settings to a non 240p-ish resolution when I go to a friend's house), and would like to make it so i can launch a different instance...
  8. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Saving screen resolution on a per core basis in Retroarch Wii

    So I've set up each individual core to output its respective system's correct aspect ratio using the custom aspect ratio video setting. The Wii is hooked up on a widescreen television, so for 90% of the cores, keeping the screen resolution at 640x448 and running the custom aspect ratio is enough...
  9. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Tyrquake sound quality

    I recently put Quake on my Wii's SD card, along with the music files. I'm running the game through Retroarch's Tyrquake core, from the latest available build. The sound effects have this heavy static sound to them and the music is heavily distorted as well (the files are an OGG rip that works on...
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