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    ROM Hack Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver problems?

    access point 'kay? This is just Nintendo WFC stuff.
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    ROM Hack Pokemon HG/SS fix discussion

    Well, there can be enough differences between a emulated cartridge and the real game, the Pokewalker transmitter likely being one of them.
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    ROM Hack Pokemon HG/SS in Dutch

    Because most Dutch people like speaking in Dutch, but they don't want to make it so that nobody non-Dutch can understand their posts. Just forget the Dutch part, I'd say. :\ As for the topic, we really shouldn't allow game developers to translate everything to Dutch, since the English-language...
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    ROM Hack Pokemon HGSS Anti-Piracy Patch

    Exiting a menu (like the Pokemon stat menu) also seems to be part of the antipiracy counter. I got a freeze after 21 door transitions however, but I might have missed some, or it's really random.
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    ROM Hack Pokemon HGSS Anti-Piracy Patch

    I attempted to manually apply the patch on the US ROM, but overlay 122 from (J) is not even existent on (U).
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Heart Gold pokemon evolution change

    Perhaps try to put the level (as little-endian hex number) in the 'required item' field when using type 3? For instance, the Politoed example from your post at level 100 (lol) could likely be like: 03 00 64 00 BA 00
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    ROM Hack GTA: Chinatown Wars Patch

    Does not work with CW.
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    DS #3517: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (USA)

    No, the SCSD is not working yet, I've tried all kinds of fixes, and all the patch options.
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    DS #1694: Mario Party DS (USA)

    Blgh, stupid news server only has up to 1693 :| Oh well, I wait till the news servers are synced
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    Who else is checking GBAtemp every damn mintute?

    That's a hack of Kentai Denjuu Telefang.
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    Who else is checking GBAtemp every damn mintute?

    You mean Kentai Denjuu Telefang, or something like that. Or the Japanese version...
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    Gaming How old are you? The ones waiting for pokemans D/P

    Umm, weren't FR/LG also released in Europe? BTW, I'm also 13. Also, my card reader is on my desk with my MiniSD card in it, waiting for the release of Pokémon
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    Who else is checking GBAtemp every damn mintute?

    Jippee, that's in time for my birthday Maybe I will even get a real cart then
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    GBAtemp Wifi Night #1

    /me is waiting for the night to start! Only able to play till 10 pm CET. (stupid bedtimes... )
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