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  1. MikeNS

    Hacking Question SWITCH 10.0.0 Firmware Boot.DAT Error

    Switch boot fine into normal mode but I run trrgraRCM then I get the Boot.dat on the Boot screen. What is the best solution to fix this error? Thanks!
  2. MikeNS

    Hacking Question Firmware Update Help

    Hi! I am currently running the Nintendo Switch firmware version : 9.0.0|AMS 0.9.4|S I would like to what is the current stable firmware version I can upgrade to and the easier and safest way? My switch is incognito Mode.
  3. MikeNS

    Hardware Traveling Dock

    What is the best switch compact dock for traveling?
  4. MikeNS

    Hardware Bluetooth Module For Headsets

    Is there a cartridge type of bluetooth Module that can connect to wireless headsets?
  5. MikeNS

    Homebrew Question Multiple Issues

    I have a fews issue with my Switch firmware 9.0 ATM 0.9.4 1-Homebrew doesn't work when I press A + R on the JoyCon but Homebrew NSP app works fine. 2-EdiZon Input doesn't work but touch works. 3-Appstore input doesn't work but touch works I would like some can help with these issues. Thanks!
  6. MikeNS

    Hacking Question 8.0.1 Question

    Hi All, Just got another switch Unpatched with 8.0.1 firmware. Should I update to 9.0 before jailbreaking or just go ahead and jailbreak it? Thanks!
  7. MikeNS

    Hacking Question Theme Background Change

    Hi All, I download this theme Atmosphere 2.0.nxthem And I like the layout, is there a way to change the background picture? Thanks!
  8. MikeNS

    Homebrew Question SD Atmosphere upgrade

    Hi all, Great site. I just bought a Nintendo Switch and got Atmosphere installed, everything is running great but my initial drive only had 64GB and I seem to run out of stock because of all the nsp files I installed. So I just bought a 400GB drive and I wan wondering how I can transfer data...
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